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Top Social Media Posts for Week of January 16

  • Dry cleaning solvents can be toxic to breathe. Let dry-cleaned items air outdoors before bringing them inside to prevent chemicals from entering your home.
  • During the winter, colder temperatures force many to keep windows tightly closed, which means you’re living and breathing in a tightly sealed environment. Find the best defense against poor indoor air quality.
  • Water heating usually accounts for about 25% of the energy consumed in your home. Turn down your water to a warm temperature setting. Not only will this save you energy but you’ll avoid scalding your hands.
  • Get rid of odors in your plastic food containers after each use. Once clean, store them with crumpled-up black-and-white newspaper inside to absorb odors. Then give containers a rinse before using again.
  • Extend the life of your veggies by lining the bottom of your refrigerator’s crisper drawer with paper towels. They’ll absorb the excess moisture that causes veggies to rot.

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of January 9

  • If you are looking for additional quality assurance, Lennox has what you need. Most Lennox products have the Good Housekeeping Seal so you can feel confident in your purchase and have added peace of mind.
  • Get a better understanding of your energy consumption and increase convenience for small appliances by connecting them with a smart plug. Smart plugs let you monitor electricity remotely.
  • Use creosote logs that clean the soot from your chimney while they burn to limit the amount of physical work needed and maintain air quality.
  • The winter holidays are a time for celebration, and that means more cooking, home decorating and an increased risk of fire. Test your smoke alarms monthly to make sure they work.
  • If you’re looking for a way to calculate energy savings and view HVAC products on the go, download the Lennox mobile or tablet app. It’s free and easy to use.

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of January 2

  • Windows are an important part of an efficient home. Before purchasing, make sure to check the energy performance rating operated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) to tell the potential for gaining and losing heat.
  • Don’t consider a rinsed sponge clean. Food and bacteria can be left and then transferred to other dishes. Once or twice a week, toss sponges into the top rack of the dishwasher to clean.
  • Eliminate germs by installing Lennox Healthy Climate® UV germicidal lights inside your HVAC duct system. The lights kill contaminants like viruses and bacteria while improving the air in your home.
  • Our technicians receive approximately 104 hours of additional and on-going training each year to ensure they have timely, accurate information related to their trade. You can rest assured they are among the best in the industry!

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of December 26

  • Does it pay to replace an old but still working appliance with a new, more efficient model? Learn how to calculate the real costs over the life of the appliance.
  • California flips the switch on the world’s largest solar power farm.
  • Save up to 40% on your utility bills with our heating specials. Check them out on our website!
  • Most ceiling fans come with a switch that changes the blade rotation. Clockwise rotation causes warm air that rises to come back down and warm the room.
  • It may not seem like the holidays without your yearly traditions, but see how people around the world make the holidays feel like home.

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of December 19

  • The cost of heating a home is rising every year. How does one choose what type of heating unit to install in their home? All the factors that go into choosing can be daunting. Here are just a few options that may help you decide.
  • If you have gutters, it’s a good time to check to see if they need to be cleaned out. Clogged gutters block rainwater or melting snow and can result in leaks that cause damage to your home.
  • Check out these 9 tips about about new, innovative and tried-and-true ways to tame your heating bills without sacrificing comfort.
  • Solar is here, it’s expanding and its popularity is growing.
  • Take a look at this informative and entertaining video about solar energy.

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