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What Does an AC Contractor Do During Maintenance?

We talk a lot about maintaining your HVAC system to help it operate efficiently and enjoy a long lifespan. You know that the service is important, but do you know what our team does during an HVAC maintenance appointment? When you need service for your air conditioner, you can give us a call to schedule AC repair in Rancho Cordova, CA.

In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the steps that our team takes during a maintenance appointment to service your air conditioner and keep it running at its best. We’re also highlighting some tips for homeowner maintenance steps that you can complete in between professional service appointments.

Check Thermostat Settings

Our first step during an AC service appointment is to check your thermostat. After all, your thermostat is what speaks to your air conditioner and tells it when to turn on and off for cooling cycles. We want to make sure that your thermostat has adequate battery charge and is properly calibrated to communicate with your air conditioner. Otherwise, your air conditioner may not turn on at the right times, may turn off too early during a cooling cycle, and may not maintain the indoor air temperature that you expect.

Review Electrical Connections

Next, we went to take a look at the electrical connections inside your air conditioner. When electricity runs through the lines, the wires can heat up and expand. When the electricity is off, the wires cool back down and contract.

These changes happen all day every day and can lead to the wires loosening up from their connections to your electrical panel. If we notice any of the electrical lines are not secure, we can fix them or make replacements if necessary. This can prevent electrical shorts, fire hazards, and even help your air conditioner run more effectively and efficiently.

Lubricate Moving Parts

We also want to check all of the moving parts inside your air conditioner to make sure they are well-lubricated. When your air conditioner first gets installed, all the parts have fresh lubrication and work together effortlessly to cool your home. 

But over time, dust and dirt can get into the system and dry up this lubrication, ultimately turning it into more of a grime that leads to components grinding together. Your air conditioner may make loud noises during operation and require more energy for cooling as it has to work harder. We can clean out in between all of these different components and add fresh lubrication.

Make Repairs and Replacements

If you notice anything out of the ordinary inside of your air conditioner, we will bring our concerns to your attention. You may have belts and other moving components that need to be replaced before they wear down completely. We can repair and replace components inside of your air conditioner during an AC maintenance appointment.

Contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. today to schedule your AC maintenance services as soon as possible. You can always trust The Guys in the Big Red Trucks.

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