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How Replacing Your Windows Saves You Money for the Next 15-30 Years

One of the biggest costs in your home is heating and cooling. It feels like it gets more expensive every single year, and guess what? It is. Even when your energy rates stay the same, you might be using more power than before just to keep your home at desirable temperatures. There’s a reason for that.

Your windows could be outdated and drafty. See, when your neighbors hire us for window replacement in Sacramento, CA, we find that they’re basically siphoning their own cool air in the middle of summer, and dumping it outside through their windows. You want potential decades of savings just by replacing your windows? Good. Here’s how that works.

An Average of $12,000 in Lifetime Savings

While your personal heating and cooling costs will vary depending on how much you use your HVAC systems, we can draw some averages. There’s a large average range of savings from $100 to $600, but for the sake of argument, let’s lower it from that top bracket to $400 in savings per year.

That’s perfectly reasonable to expect. As long as you occasionally test your windows for drafts and make sure you’re plugging up any lost heat or cold air as the years go on, you can enjoy those savings for quite some time.

An Indirect Way You Save Money

Most commonly, we think about how much money we save off of our monthly energy bills. That’s something you can see month after month, but there’s another way that it helps you save money in the long haul.

Think of your HVAC equipment as having a certain budget of wear and tear. Since wear and tear is usage plus time, having better insulation in your home by having updated, energy efficient windows means you won’t have to run your HVAC unit as often.

Running your air conditioner or heater for fewer cycles, or even just shorter cycles throughout the day, reduces the amount of runtime it requires. That way, you’re not stressing out the machine, allowing you to spend that wear and tear budget wisely.

Will New Windows Really Last for 30 Years?

Most of the time, you end up considering replacement at the 20-year mark, but that doesn’t mean it’s a necessity at that point or that those 20 years of energy efficiency didn’t pay for themselves.

Windows don’t require annual maintenance, but they should be inspected once every few years with a thermal imaging gun so you can see if there are any cracks or drafts that have sprouted up. If that’s the case, you can seal them and maintain your window’s energy efficiency. Windows need the occasional TLC, so taking the “set and forget’ method won’t make a 30-year lifespan very likely.

Let’s Replace Those Windows

Now that you know why window replacement is such a good idea, it’s time to make those replacements happen. GIve us a call today or fill out our submission form, and we’ll have your 

Contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. today to schedule your window replacement services as soon as possible. You can always trust The Guys in the Big Red Trucks.

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