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How to Know if a Heat Pump is the Right Move for Your Home

Are you thinking about installing a heat pump in your home? It’s a very smart decision since the unit offers both heating and cooling all within a single system. But along with a long list of pros, there are also some cons to consider before investing in a heat pump.

When you’re ready to schedule heat pump installation in Sacramento, CA, give our camp team a call to schedule your appointment. We can offer an initial assessment where we review how a heat pump would operate in your home and talk to you about your needs and expectations so you can make an informed decision. You can also keep reading to learn more about the benefits and risks of a heat pump.

Pros of Heat Pumps

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a heat pump is the fact that it offers all-in-one heating and cooling. You have the potential to save some space compared to having a separate air conditioner and heater connected to your home’s thermostat. Instead, a heat pump can switch effortlessly between heating and cooling with the attached reversing valve.

During the summer, a heat pump operates in the same way as a central air conditioner. Refrigerant cycles through the lines to absorb heat and transfer it outside. When you switch over to heating mode, this process reverses. 

Heat pumps have a few additional components that central air conditioners do not have. Refrigerant moves in the opposite direction to absorb heat from the outside and transfer that heat into your home as a method of increasing the temperature.

It’s a very unique way of heating a home and is also highly energy efficient. You stand to save a lot on your monthly heating costs with a heat pump compared to a more traditional gas or electric furnace. Plus, heat pumps are safer to operate, so you can rest easy knowing that you made a smart choice for your home and family.

With a heat pump, you can choose a ductless option to save even more space. In place of ducts in your attic or basement, you’ll have smaller individual heat pump units dispersed throughout your home. You can use them to keep all the rooms at a consistent temperature or adjust settings for each room to customize comfort levels for different family members.

Cons of Heat Pumps

A heat pump does have a couple of potential downsides to consider. When temperatures are at their coldest, a heat pump may not be able to heat your home quite as efficiently as you would like. This is because there is less heat in the air outside the lower that temperatures drop. 

Your home may not feel quite as comfortable as you want it to. While it does get cold here in the winter, we don’t have to worry quite as much about below-freezing temperatures as our neighbors farther north. 

But if you’re concerned about a heat pump’s ability to warm your home, you have a couple of options. You can install a cold-weather heat pump that works more efficiently in freezing emperatures or a dual fuel model that has a small add-on furnace to boost heating ability.

You also have to consider that heat pumps require bi-annual maintenance. This is no different than scheduling separate maintenance for both a heater and air conditioner. You’re just scheduling the service for one single unit instead of two separate units.

Contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. today to schedule your heat pump services with our team of experts. You can always trust The Guys in the Big Red Trucks.

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