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Top Social Media Posts for Week of November 21

  • Looking to control the temperature in a specific room? The Lennox MS8H Mini-Split Heat Pump’s all-in-one heating and cooling delivers efficient comfort year-round. Call us today to learn more.
  • If a water heater no longer puts out hot water, the heating element may need replacing. Learn how to replace a heating element with these basic step-by-step instructions.
  • You make think your home is insulated, but the truth is many homes are not nearly insulated enough. To prevent warm air escaping through your ceilings, make sure your entire attic is protected by at least 16 inches of R-49 insulation.
  • During the holidays, you can’t match the feeling of stepping out of the cold and into a loved one’s home. Keep your holiday guests warm with theses home and furnace maintenance tips.
  • Man up and spread the word. For every share, like or comment of our Movember posts, Lennox donates $2 to the cause.

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of November 14

  • To de-clutter your kitchen countertops, try this easy DIY tip: use adhesive strips to place corkboard on your fridge and organize papers, bills and recipes using push pins.
  • We’re working with Lennox to support Movember, and the fact is, you can help. For every share, like or comment on our Movember posts, Lennox donates $2.
  • We here at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort would like to wish a Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps and all Marines on the 239th birthday of the Marine Corps!
  • Temperatures outside are dropping, so stay in and enjoy the warm heat from your unit! What’s your favorite indoor family activity?
  • There may not be much growth outside, but you can still bring some nature inside. Jasmine and cyclamen are both great options that complement the holiday season.

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of November 7

  • For all the Android users out there, the Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi® thermostat is now compatible with Android-based tablets and smartphones. You can use your mobile device to set your home temperature and save energy from anywhere.
  • Bathrooms make great winter projects because once they’re done, you can appreciate your handiwork every single day. Replacing your old toilet to a WaterSense or dual-flush toilet can save 4,000 gallons of water per year.
  • U.S. solar power is booming with the help of creative financing.
  • Understanding what an HVAC system is and what it does is the key to getting the most out of the HVAC system in your home. Take a look at this insightful article to learn more about HVAC systems.
  • Movember is here and we’re partnering with Lennox to raise money and awareness for men’s health. Share, like or comment on our Movember posts, and Lennox donates $2 to the cause.

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of October 31

  • Air conditioners work more efficiently when the evaporator and condenser coils or cooling fins are clean and the fins are straight. Here are tips on how to clean an air conditioner.
  • One of the best ways to produce hot water are by using a solar hot water heater that Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort currently offers their customers and installs for them. Most importantly, you’ll be “going green” and doing your part to protect the environment!
  • Solar heating and cooling is helping U.S. businesses and commercial buildings save money.
  • The SL280V variable-speed gas furnace from Lennox operates at a wide range of speeds to maintain quiet sound levels and constant airflow. We know saving money is important, and with this furnace you can save hundreds of dollars each year.
  • Why go solar? Homeowners say: ‘To save money’.

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Top Social Media Posts for Week of October 24

  • Proper inspection of a fireplace is vital to ensure it will operate safely, even if it is rarely used. Fall is a great time to inspect for buildup and blockages.
  • Fun fact: The next time you drop a glass, reach for a slice of bread. It acts like a sponge, picking up even the smallest shards.

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