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How a New Tankless Water Heater Saves You Money

Tankless water heater system installed on wall.

Everyone likes saving money, and lowering their carbon footprint at the same time never hurts. Tankless water heaters save money, frustration, and expenses that you might not have thought about.

It’s time to learn why tankless water heater installation in Sacramento, CA could save you stress and money moving forward. If you’re about to ditch your old tank water heater for an upgrade, this is what you need to know.

You Use Less Energy

On average, it’s estimated that you can use up to 30% less energy with a tankless water heater vs. a tank water heater. These are only estimates and vary depending on your water usage, family size, and other outlying factors.

Suffice to say that it takes less energy to heat a single gallon of water with a tankless system than it does with a tank. If you have a large family and are constantly washing dishes, running showers, and just using your hot water supply, a tankless system can save you a large percentage of your usual bill.

Less Wasted Water

Another way that you end up saving money with tankless water heaters is by using less water. While this benefit is marginal, it makes a small impact. When you turn on your hot water faucet first thing in the morning, you have to purge the cold water in the line before you feel it start to warm up.

Tankless water heaters can be placed strategically near your kitchen or main bathroom, which means that hot water has less distance to travel. Their compact size provides some versatility, so you can strategize and reduce your cold water waste over time, reducing your water bill in the process.

They Last for Up to 20 Years

Traditional tank water heaters last for around 8 to 12 years. With proper maintenance, they can make it to 15 years, but that’s pushing the envelope. Tankless water heaters last for up to 20 years on average, and can extend with proper maintenance as well.

Depending on which brand and type of tankless water heater you get, warranties may even cover up to 15 years on some parts. That’s coverage.

Less Costly Repairs

You don’t have an entire tank to worry about. Tankless water heaters have less working parts, so there are less parts to maintain and worry about. While annual maintenance is still a necessity, ideally you will encounter less problems with a tankless heater over a tank heater.

Problems with a tankless water heater are easier to diagnose as well, so you should run into shorter repair times on top of less costly repairs.

Install a New Water Heater in Sacramento, CA Today

It’s time for a new water heater, and to consider going tankless. Better energy efficiency, less breakdowns, and easier maintenance and monitoring. The world is going tankless in almost every circumstance, why aren’t you? It’s just a call away.

Contact us today to discuss a new tankless water heater, what the installation process looks like, and how it can benefit you today.

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