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Catherine O'Neill, This week
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Doug Lindley, Last week

Milton Arriaga and Eddy Arriaga did great work! They showed up on time and made sure I knew what was going on at every step. Highly recommended!

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Kara Rakoczy, Last week

Milton and eddy installed my car charger. Very professional. Milton stayed back for a long time galling me battle technology and trying to get it to work with my phone.

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Sheila West, Last week

Quick professional and very courteous

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Theodore Hoffman, This month

The crew was excellent. They showed up on time. They were very friendly and worked around me while I was working from home. They installed a new electrical box on the wall that was smaller than the original box and asked if I had matching paint. I did have matching paint and a paint brush. The did a touchup on the wall and it looks nice. They are not painters but it was nice to have them paint the wall for me. The installation crew was responsive to my requests. If I did not want a wire or pipe on a wall, they did their best to enclose the equipment.

The new AC/heater was very loud in some rooms that got too hot after the new installation. They brought some new dampers and balanced the system and it works great. It is also quiet. I did buy the best air conditioner system that I could find and it was expensive. For me, it is better to spend the money now and not have to spend it again for the next 20 years. A quality install makes me confident that the equipment will last for 20 years.

I am a very happy customer.

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Marty Jackson, This month
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Jill Latuszek, This month
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Aishat Shomade, This month

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Tamee Cooper, This month

We had Sierra Pacific install a new HVAC system this past summer. It worked great until it switched over to heat and then it stopped working. At first we had a hard time getting someone out here quickly, but then Sierra Pacific worked with us to figure out the problem and get it up and running again. Adam was great with follow up, gave us his number to call any time and checking in every few days to make sure it was still working and keeping us warm during the cold spell. I think it was a rare glitch w the system but Adam insured us SP would take care of us and replace the system if needed. So far so good

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Laurie Langham, This month

Serving Northern California
Since 1984