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Generac PWRCELL Systems in Sacramento CA

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The Generac PWRcell power system is just one of your energy storage options when it comes to solar power. It pairs very well with solar panel systems, making the PWRcell installation a great choice for residents all throughout the Sacramento area. 

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The Generac PWRcell power system is an intelligent energy storage system for backup power. It pairs well with solar panel systems, making a PWRcell installation an excellent choice for residents all throughout the Sacramento area. This backup battery system is sized for day-to-day use for when your solar panels produce more electricity than you can effectively use in your home.

Storing excess electricity in your PWRcell equipment means it doesn’t get sent back into the grid. This way, if your panels aren’t producing enough electricity later on due to inclement weather, you have the stored energy to use rather than needing to pay for energy from the utility company. Reach out to our team today to learn more!

Get more from your solar and battery storage system with PWRcell. When compared to Tesla, PWRcell offers more power, more capacity and smarter load management. For a more detailed comparsion of PWRcell vs Tesla, view the chart below. 

PWRcell vs. Tesla*
FeatureGenerac PWRcell™ M6 BatteryTesla Powerwall 2Description
Whole Home Backup with Single Battery System YES No A single-battery† PWRcell system is whole home capable thanks to Generac load management technology.
Multiple Powerwalls are required to protect the same loads.
Whole Home Load Management YES Load Shedding Only The PWRcell Automatic Transfer Switch and Smart Management Module Systems allow users to set electrical load priority ensuring they can power what they need the most.
Usable Capacity 18kWh 13.5kWh PWRcell features a modular design, and can be customized to meet homeowners’ needs; the Tesla Powerwall 2 is a one-size fits all concept.
Peak Motor-Starting Current 50A 32A PWRcell offers 56% more peak motor starting capacity in a single battery†, enabling it to start larger loads when the grid falls.
Maximum Continuous Power 9.0kW 5.0kW PWRcell offers up to 80% more continuous power in a single battery†, enabling it to keep more loads running in backup.
Charging Speed 9.0kW 5.0kW A PWRcell battery can charge up to 80% faster† than Tesla Powerwall 2.

*PWRcell M6 battery configuration compared to figures from the Tesla Powerwall 2 specification sheet
**Solar panels sold separately
†Based on PWRcell M6 battery configuration
††2sec RMS

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