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Serving Northern California Since 1984

Serving Northern California Since 1984

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Storage Battery & Energy Storage in Sacramento, CA

Solar electricity is a leading way to protect your budget against the rising costs of electricity. Solar panel installation and solar system integration have become increasingly popular among homeowners throughout Sacramento and beyond, and for good reason! It allows homeowners to live greener and save money to boot.

But what if there is a power outage, or extended poor weather that doesn’t allow sunlight to shine through for a few days—are you just out of luck? Not at all! That’s when you’ll want to use a powerful battery and energy storage system, professionally installed and serviced by the team here at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc..

Contact The Guys In The Big Red Trucks today for reliable storage battery/energy storage services.

Battery Storage System Installation

Turn to our team for your battery storage system installation. With backup battery storage to ensure you’re never without your solar power, you’ll be able to use energy more efficiently, and you’ll be able to easily monitor the battery’s status including its solar energy production and the remaining hours of backup power it has left.

When you invest in a professional battery storage system installation with our Sacramento team of professionals, you’ll be able to decrease your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint. We install battery backup systems from the leading solar brands, that let you use energy at peak rate periods without paying hefty electrical costs.

Energy Storage System Repair

When you’re using a battery/energy storage system for your solar panels, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly cared for to improve battery performance and life. A high number of backup battery failures are caused by a process called sulfation, where sulfur crystals form on the battery’s lead plates, thus preventing chemical reactions from happening.

This can happen when the battery has a low charge or a low electrolyte level. If you suspect you’re in need of energy storage system repair, the best thing you can do is contact our experience professionals. We want to make sure you’re never without power!

Benefits of a Battery/Energy Storage System

The biggest advantage to using a battery/energy storage system with your solar panels is that they enable you to store unused solar power instead of sending it back into the grid. When the sun is out, your solar panels will be responsible for producing a large amount of electricity, and when you add on battery storage, you can collect and save excess energy for use at other times—either when there is power outage that threatens your ability to use your HVAC systems or when there is gloomy weather and your solar panels aren’t able to take advantage of as much sunlight.

Our team is happy to talk to you about how our complete solar energy services will benefit your home. Whether you’re looking to install solar for the very first time or your current solar energy system needs work, please don’t hesitate to give the team at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. a call!

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