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Building Insulation Services in Sacramento, CA

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Did you know that proper home insulation is just as beneficial in the summertime as it is in the winter? It prevents heat transfer–so heat stays in during the winter, and is kept out in the warmer months. But it’s only as reliable as the team who installs it! 

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We want to help you ensure that your living space is properly cooled and heated throughout the year, and the best way to do this is to equip you with the insulation needed to prevent the above-mentioned heat transfer. Contact us today to learn about the different types of insulation and methods of installation. 

Improve your home efficiency with expert insulation services by contacting “The Guys in the Big Red Trucks” here at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. today!  


Is Professional Installation Necessary?

In a word, yes. You may be having a new home constructed, in which you’ll want to ensure that you take advantage of the latest home energy efficiency options and insulation technology. Even if you have an older home that doesn’t seem to be allowing you to maintain your comfort, despite having high efficiency systems in place, we know what it takes to properly insulate a home for optimal comfort.

Whatever the reason you need insulation, there’s no bad time of the year to have it installed. It’s only important that you have this service done by highly skilled and experienced professionals who have access to a wide range of insulation materials, and that they know how to apply it for the best comfort and efficiency.

The Importance of Properly Insulating a New Home

The use of whole–house HVAC systems, like central air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps, would be pretty much pointless without the right insulation in your home. It’s easy to figure out that if you’re building a new home, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Professional insulation services are one way to make sure this is the case.

Our experienced and highly trained team will make sure that the insulation in your Sacramento, CA home is installed carefully and appropriately. Many homeowners don’t realize just how much a small mistake can result in decreased comfort. Plus, while attic insulation can be added later, once your walls are closed it’s hard to install more insulation!

What If Your Insulation Needs to Be Replaced?

Throughout the time you live in your Sacramento, CA home, you might need to replace your insulation. Perhaps it’s because yours is old, coming loose within the walls, or even made from an outdated material that is no longer considered safe (it may contain asbestos).

Whatever the reason is, they all warrant insulation replacement. Contact our highly trained staff to discuss your insulation options. Blown–in insulation is commonly considered for replacement within walls and ceilings, since it requires only minor demolition. Instead, it only requires a series of small holes—something that’s well worth it when it comes to making your living space more energy efficient.

We’re more than happy to discuss your insulation options, and to help you determine if insulation is the only upgrade that you need in order to make your home more energy efficient. We also provide whole home energy audits to seek out areas where you might be losing energy throughout your home.

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