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Serving Northern California Since 1984

Serving Northern California Since 1984

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Generators in Sacramento, CA

If there’s ever been a home comfort system that you wish you didn’t need but are grateful for when you do need it, it’s the whole-house generators. This is an emergency appliance that’s also known as an automatic standby generator, and it’s there to save you from suffering even more from a widespread blackout or weather disaster. Whether we’re dealing with a routine power outage or unexpected blackout, your household will barely notice the effects if you have a properly installed and serviced whole-house generator in place.

Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. is dedicated to solving the home comfort problems for residents all throughout Sacramento and the surrounding communities. Providing exceptional generator services is just one way we accomplish this. Whether you’re having a system installed for the very first time or you’re in need of whole-house generator maintenance, we’re the team to call.

Contact us today for your whole-house generator services, and look for “The Guys in the Big Red Trucks”!

Whole-Home Generator Installation and Replacement

For over 30 years, Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. has been providing solar technology and home efficiency solutions to residents throughout Sacramento, CA and the surrounding communities. Our technicians are energy specialists! This means that we only install systems that can help reduce or maintain your monthly energy costs, from high-efficiency HVAC systems to solar energy systems and of course, whole-home generators.

When you reach out to our team for your whole home generator installation or generator replacement, you’ll get in touch with a friendly technician who’s ready to explain to you what you can expect, how the system operates, and how often it will need maintenance. You can count on our team for comprehensive generator services.

There’s No Substitute for Whole-House Generators

If you hear someone talking about a generator, you may envision what many people do: a small portable system that’s great for using to heat up cooktops and other small appliances when you’re out camping. However, a whole-house generator is really what’s necessary if you expect to get through a widespread blackout.

A portable generator may be convenient for small basic needs, but not when you need to use your heater, your refrigerator, your lighting, etc. With a whole-house generator, you can count on the following benefits.

  • Safety: All generators need ventilation. They’re powered by propane, oil, or in the case of a whole-house generator, natural gas. When installed or used improperly, there is an opportunity for carbon monoxide exposure. If your portable generator is kept indoors, this means your household can get very ill, plus there is the danger of fire. You avoid these risks with a professionally installed whole-house generator.
  • Power: The reason a whole-house system is also called an automatic standby generator is because it automatically cycles on when it’s needed. It’s connected to your natural gas line, and when the power goes out, it signals to the generator to turn on.
  • Fuel: You don’t have to worry about manually turning your whole-house generator on or off. As we mentioned, they’re connected directly to your natural gas line, so you never need to worry about it running out of fuel or not being able to turn it on when you need it.

Truly a Lifesaver

Homes today have much higher electrical demands than Sacramento area homes of the past. So when the power goes out, it’s not only a big inconvenience but it can be a huge disruption too. This is especially true these days, as more and more homeowners also use their households as their workstations.

If you’re a freelancer or remote worker, a widespread electrical failure can be catastrophic for your business or your work. A properly installed whole-house generator will resolve this.

There’s also household medical needs to consider. Does anyone in your home have prescription meds that need to be refrigerated? Or perhaps they have a medical condition where overheating or being too cold will be detrimental to their health. Whatever the case, a whole-house generator is truly a lifesaver!

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