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Serving Northern California Since 1984

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Solar Attic Fans in Sacramento, CA

If you’ve ever had any reason to be in your attic, you know how hot this space becomes when the sun beats down on it. This radiant heat exposure raises the temperature to sweltering levels. Without sufficient ventilation, soaring attic temperatures will lead to a temperature increase in the rest of the house, severely affecting HVAC performance and lowering the effectiveness of attic insulation.

This is where professionally installed and serviced solar attic fans come in. Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. offers these services in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas. To learn more about the components of a solar attic fan and how the installation of one can benefit you, reach out to our customer service representatives.

To learn more about our Sacramento solar energy services, contact us today! Sierra Pacific: The Guys in The Big Red Trucks.

How Solar Attic Fans Work

The standard attic fans are installed on the roof of a house. The fans’ intake ventilation actively displaces the hot attic air with the cooler, ambient air outside the home. They also vent out excess moisture from the attic. This keeps the temperatures in the attic, which can rise above 130°F on even moderately warm days, from negatively affecting the rest of the house and driving up HVAC bills.

Attic fans powered by solar electricity save a home even more, since they reduce the amount of electricity necessary to cool the space. Solar attic fans are simple for professionals to integrate and configure into a home’s current wireless controls, so the homeowner has better control over ventilation and humidity.

Benefits of a Solar Attic Fan

Professionally installed attic fans offer many advantages. They lower cooling costs and improve HVAC system efficiency—the less heat in the attic, the less heat in the house. This means an HVAC system that works less and saves you both energy and money. The insulation in the attic will also be more effective at trapping heat so it doesn’t reach the rest of the house. Thanks to using solar power, the ventilation system will work its hardest when you need it the most—on sunny hot days!

Solar attic fans also help remove moisture and humidity from a home. Moisture in a house rises into the attic, but the fans will exhaust it outside to keep the space dry. This also helps protect the roof. Too much moisture in the attic can be harmful to shingles and other roofing materials because it encourages the development of mold, mildew, and wood rot.

Only Trust Pros for Your Solar Attic Services

If you’re interested in having solar attic fans installed for your Sacramento, CA home, it’s vital you call experts for the job. Although the installation isn’t difficult, it requires skilled technicians to properly size the new system: accounting for living space, garage attachments, house style, roof type, roof pitch, sun exposure, and even the color of the roof. Solar attic fans come in units from 20 watts to 60 watts, and the experienced installation specialists will ensure your house has the right sized units.

When it comes to any service you may need for your solar attic fans, trust the team at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc.. We stay current with solar technology so that we can provide effective installations. We also conduct repairs as needed and perform routine maintenance. Give us a call today to learn more!

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