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Serving Northern California Since 1984

Serving Northern California Since 1984

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Licensed Elk Grove, CA Solar & HVAC Contractor

Harnessing solar energy is among the most cost-effective ways to provide your Elk Grove, CA home with power. It begins with the professional installation of solar panels-a job that the highly trained Installation Specialists here at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. can easily accomplish for you.

Solar is a huge part of what we do, but not all we do! You can also count on us for expert HVAC installation, repairs, and maintenance-and can rely on our team to provide you with the latest knowledge and expertise when it comes to the indoor air quality products and services that may serve you best. Reach out to our team today for comprehensive solar and HVAC services.

Air Conditioning Services in Elk Grove

It’s no secret that summers throughout our area can get pretty warm. To deal with the soaring temperatures that grace us with their presence between June to August, you’ll need a reliable and powerful air conditioning system. The good news is that we have the AC repair, installation, and maintenance services to help ensure that you have that AC system, and that it continues to work as effectively and efficiently as it should for the years to come. Come see why we’re the trusted air conditioning contractor in Elk Grove, CA for:

  • AC Tune Ups / Maintenance
  • AC Repair
  • AC System Installation
  • AC System Replacement
  • And more!

Air Conditioning Repair

Having a broken air conditioning unit on a hot summer day in California is never good. That is where Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. comes in. We provide quality AC repair in Elk Grove, CA. Give us ac all today to scheudle a service with one of our trusted professionals.

Home Heating Services in Elk Grove

As warm as our city can get in the summer, our winters are no picnic either without the right heating system in place. There are an overwhelming number of options on the market today. Fortunately, our team is well versed in all heating system types and can provide installation and other services for furnaces, boilers, radiant heating systems, heat pumps, and ductless systems. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about your options.

Solar Electric Services

There are many residents in our area already benefiting from the installation of solar panels and other solar appliances, such as attic fans and solar lighting. Solar electricity can be used to power the appliances in your entire home, and can even work in poor weather via power storage in a battery pack. Solar electricity is the future of energy use, and you can turn to us for superior solar services. Call and ask about what we can do for you.

Solar Pool Heaters

Even during the cooler times of the year, we still want to use our backyard pools. The good news is, there is no reason for you not to! With the pretty consistent sunlight we get in this part of the state, and through the use of solar energy, you can benefit from the installation of a solar pool heater. This will keep your pool water comfortable all year long, so you can enjoy your pool no matter the season.

Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters

A number of Elk Grove, CA homeowners still heavily rely on storage tank water heater systems, and for good reason. They are efficient, effective, and today’s models are built to last a long time. They aren’t your only option, however.

You may find that your home is better suited for a tankless water heater, which produces hot water on demand by switching on heating elements as soon as you turn on a hot water tap. There are benefits to both, which we’ll be happy to discuss with you.

Home Performance

Do you have conditioned air leaking out through a gap in your door jamb, or perhaps your window sill? Is your ductwork in decent shape? Are you using the right indoor air quality products to encourage good energy efficiency in your living space?

Depending on your answers to these questions-which you may not know-you could be well overdue for a home energy audit. It’s during this service that our professionals will check and see where your energy use is compromised, and the provide you with the solutions you need to bring your energy bills back down.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Humidity in the summer can be just as uncomfortable-not to mention, unhealthy-as dry air in the winter. Neither are good for you or for your property. The ideal relative humidity level in your home should be between 30%-50%. Ask us about our humidifiers and dehumidifiers and how they’ll help you.

And don’t forget about our other great indoor air quality products and services to ensure your complete comfort. From air filtration systems and air purifiers to heat and energy recovery ventilators, we have what you need to improve the air you breathe.