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Recirculation Pumps (Water Conservation) in Sacramento, CA

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There are two common complaints that homeowners in the Sacramento area tend to have regarding their storage tank water heaters. One is the loss of energy due to not using all the hot water within the tanks at any given time. Two is wasting water from the taps while they wait for water to “warm-up.” A professionally installed recirculation pump resolves this! 

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Recirculation pumps, also called hot water recirculation systems, are plumbing components that move hot water to fixtures quickly, without waiting for the water to get hot. This saves both energy and conserves water! 

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The Benefits of a Recirculation Pump

Installing this system in your home can result in saving up to 12,000 gallons of water per year and reducing your electrical consumption by as much as 94% when compared to traditional, continuously running storage tank water heaters.

Using a hot water recirculation pump allows hot water to be pushed further and faster, so the wait for hot water is not as long. This system can even help the pipes in your home to stay warm, preventing them from freezing—while not a common problem throughout Sacramento, CA, it is a possibility during the colder winter months.

Recirculation Pumps are Versatile

Purchasing a hot water circulation pump can certainly help you save on your water bills and your electric bills. Even if you’re water system runs on gas, a recirculation pump will still benefit you. Since the pump delivers your hot water faster, less water is wasted by running the tap waiting for the hot water to arrive.

Plus, with the constant delivery and movement of hot water throughout your home, a bit of natural radiant heating is going on. This means you might be able to give your heater a little bit of a break during the winter by at least turning it down a couple degrees. True, a recirculation pump doesn’t produce a huge amount of heat, but every little bit helps during our chilly Sacramento winters.

Easy Repair and Replacements

Another big benefit to investing in a hot water recirculation pump is the connection. In addition to greater efficiency from this system, this water conservation pump is designed to be simpler to repair or replace than a regular water tank.

The valve at the top makes it easy for cold water to go through, circulate, and become hot water. Water and energy waste is eliminated, and speed is increased. This simple setup means that when something goes wrong, our technicians can quickly get to work in making repairs or adjustments.

And remember, when your recirculation pump does need service, you only want to trust those who are experienced with such a job, like the Service Professionals on our team. Reach out to us today to learn more about these systems and to schedule your recirculation pump services!

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