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Serving Northern California Since 1984

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Solar Pool Heaters in Sacramento, CA

The ocean isn’t exactly a hop and a skip outdoors, so it makes sense that most Sacramento residents have a backyard pool to find refreshment during the warm summer months. However, our variable weather conditions and climate means that even on the warmest days of the year, our pools can still be pretty chilly. That is, unless you have an effective pool heater in place! Heating your swimming pool from an electrical source can be expensive, but you can save with a solar pool heater installation.

If you’ve lived in Sacramento for even just a year, you know that the sun is a consistent presence, whether it’s winter or summer. Why waste that solar energy? There are many efficient pool heaters on the market. But a professionally installed solar pool heater from Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. will take that efficiency to a whole different level.

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Solar Pool Heater Installation in Sacramento

Looking over your options for solar pool heaters can seem overwhelming, especially since functionality differs between make and model. One thing that we can promise you is that your solar pool heater installation will be most successful if you have a trained and experienced professional to handle the job.

How does a solar pool heater work, exactly? Most are set up with a panel that supports a number of tubes. The panel is positioned so that it’s able to absorb the maximum amount of solar energy each day. A pump removes water from your pool and passes the water over this panel so it heats up, then the water is returned back to your pool through the use of the aforementioned tubes.

As you may have guessed, this setup is complex and really requires that the professionals putting in the system know what they’re doing. All the necessary wiring for the pump and other components must be checked for safety, there can’t be any leaks developing due to poor design, and the system needs to be checked for functionality.

We Install and Service Pool Pumps and Other Pool Equipment, Too!

The pool pump, as we alluded to above, recirculates the water in your pool through a filter and panel, which both allows the water to be heated and cleaned. This ensures that not only is your swimming pool comfortable to be in, but also safe. A single pool pump can usually circulate the entire volume of a pool, once a day.

Pool pumps are available in variable speeds that enable vacuuming or circulated heated water. This saves homeowners a significant amount of money on their overall energy costs. Our Customer Service Representatives are standing by and happy to explain more about the science behind these pool pumps.

For pool pumps, solar pool heaters, and any other pool equipment you need, our Sacramento team is happy to help. Contact us today and rely on professional service from a highly qualified team of solar experts.

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