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Michael McClellan's Profile Image
Michael McClellan, Last month

Everyone we have worked with has been kind, thorough, and super helpful. Mason was quick to get us all the details we needed to start the process. Then our installers Gabriel, Aurelio, and Austin came in and flawlessly got our new system up and running. Efficient and friendly. Great service.

John Hatfield Jr's Profile Image
John Hatfield Jr, Last month

Technician, Chaz, showed up on time, performed work and explained issues. Very trustworthy. Highly recommend

Mark Tyler's Profile Image
Mark Tyler, Last month

Service used: Pool Solar Winterization.

Technician was very helpful and very informative. He even provided details about my system that I did not know. Thanks Sierra Pacific.

paul klein's Profile Image
paul klein, Last month

Nick , the service guy was extremely helpful, professional, and personable. He answered all of my questions. He was the kind of employee that I would want to work for me.

Jim Ray's Profile Image
Jim Ray, Last month
Phil Keffer's Profile Image
Phil Keffer, Last month

Winterization and inspection of pool solar system was performed thoroughly with check list provided upon completion for review and discussion of any potential repairs that might need addressed.

William Lewis's Profile Image
William Lewis, Last month
Cliff Williams's Profile Image
Cliff Williams, Last month

Excellent solar service

Mary Gosney's Profile Image
Mary Gosney, Last month

Good people to work with on maintaining our Pool Solar System.

vansen Wong's Profile Image
vansen Wong, Last month

Great service. Arrived as promised after 30 minutes notice. Courteous and professional. Great communication regarding adjustment of gas valve which allowed our heater to work properly. Best service ever!

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