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Electrical Operations Manager

$100k + / year - Rancho Cordova, CA, USA - Full Time +

Job Description

The Operations Manager for Solar Electric Installation reports to the Director of Operations and the President. The Solar Electric Operations Manager has the overall responsibility for the profitable and successful client satisfaction performance of all clean energy related product installations.

The Operations Manager is the Day-to-Day pulse and momentum of the installation department. This position is a high-visibility leadership role that organizes, schedules, trains, directs, and motivates the field work force (installation team members). This position directs the overall success and profitability of the department

The Operations Manager will be an integral part of vendor relationships and will make recommendations to the President and Director of Operations. Final decisions by the President will be implemented with care and consideration of balancing good relations and best support and pricing available to the company. The Operations Manager will ensure that the vendors support the company directly and make no special offerings or considerations directly to company staff; vendors will not offer anything to an employee of Sierra Pacific without the consent of the President and that the company resources are serving the best interest of the clients and the company team goals.

Key Tasks

The Operations Manager conducts meetings with their teams and provides regular training and coaching sessions. The Operations Manager will set monthly targets/budgets and then conduct daily huddles (15 Minutes to Win It) to ensure the team is aligned, that daily targets are met, and that resources can be shifted as necessary to support our team and our clients.

This position will make job site visits as necessary to gain first hand perspective to team performance or to handle an escalation or other important matter that requires leadership presence on the scene.

The Operations Manager will work close with employee administrative issues (pay, benefits, worker comp./insurance) to provide good leadership to the team members as well as to maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Operations Manager will collaborate with the Director of Operations in conducting counseling, coaching, and performance reviews of installation and service team members.


  • Valid Journeymen Card a plus
  • 3-5 years’ experience in a similar leadership role. Previous leadership role examples but not limited to: Electrical Installation, Service, Solar and Batteries
  • Previous P&L responsibility with successes in cost reduction, revenue growth and profit growth
  • Past experience of successfully leading teams of 20 or more employees
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, time management and follow up skills required
  • Experience in maintaining and properly documenting a safety program for field employees, fleet records and warehouse staff
  • Ability to maintain tight inventory controls to minimize costs
  • Ability to work in a fast-moving environment maintaining a positive attitude in stressful situations
  • Solution-minded, always looking for ways to improve efficiency, communication, and the customer experience

About us

Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort, Inc. is a locally owned and operated Home Services Company whose corporate headquarters are located in Rancho Cordova, California. Our company was founded in 1984 and is now the area’s largest full-service, home energy improvement provider. We currently operate four divisions and employ well-trained experts who are skilled at energy efficiency upgrades for home and office.

We are uniquely qualified to assist our clients to understand and implement a variety of improvements that will reduce their energy consumption and cut or even eliminate their monthly electric bills. We have built an impressive client list of over 36,000 who have benefited from improving energy efficiency in their homes.

Serving Northern California
Since 1984