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Window and Door Replacement in Sacramento, CA

Talk to a friendly expert and give us a call: 800-551-3040

Have you ever thought about how the quality of your home’s windows and doors could be impacting your home’s comfort and efficiency? If you’ve ever thought about upgrading your windows or doors, there are many great reasons to do so, and we’re just the team to call for the job! 

  • We’re Sacramento’s Largest Home Energy Improvement Provider

  • We’re Locally Owned and Operated and Understand Your Unique Home Performance Needs

  • We’ve Been Serving Northern California Since 1984! 

We can help you not only aesthetically improve the look of your home with new windows and doors, but we can help you cut down on the energy otherwise lost through drafts. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more! 

For professional window and door services in Sacramento, look no further than Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc.--”The Guys in the Big Red Trucks!” 


Why Choose Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. for Your Windows?

As we mentioned above, replacing your windows can do a lot for the visual appeal of your home. But more than that, the modern sliding door and window materials and technology that go into the products that we provide are specifically engineered and designed with a number of options to save you money on your energy bills, and to protect your home’s interior and furnishings from fading.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our expertly trained staff to go over all these options and everything else that goes into planning window replacements: longevity, cost, heat gain, and more. Also important to remember is that your windows should only and always be installed by experienced professionals, not only to meet local building and safety codes but also to ensure that the installation is durable and energy–saving.

Sliding Glass Doors in Sacramento

We install and service sliding glass doors, too! Sliding glass doors and windows are an excellent choice for many homes looking to improve energy efficiency. They make great home insulators, plus today’s models are built even safer than before, most with shatterproof glass. 

Of course, years of exposure to the element and dirt buildup can lead to stuck doors or other problems. Be sure to contact our team when you’re in need of sliding glass door replacement or repair!

Learn More About Our Window Materials

You’ll see that there are three basic materials provided for window replacements: vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Aluminum windows are not as widely used as they once were, for a number of reasons. Therefore it’s no longer an option in the Sacramento, CA area or the surrounding communities. But vinyl and wood are both good choices, for different reasons.

  • Vinyl: Since this material doesn’t need to be repainted or treated in any way over the years, it’s typically the best choice. It’s easy to clean and very durable. It is a costlier investment upfront, however it’s rare that you’d need to replace vinyl window frames.
  • Wood: Wood windows are ideal for many homeowners who want to match the style of their home effectively. This is particularly true if you live in one of the historic districts throughout Sacramento, CA. In the long run, these are more expensive to maintain, but the initial cost is usually less than that of vinyl.

Your window frames are not the only thing to consider with your replacement services—you’ll also want to think about the hardware used to operate and lock the windows. Understandably, you’ll want them to do so effectively! Ask us, too, about insulation materials to use within your windows in order to cut down on UV rays entering your home.

We Offer a Variety of Styles

Many homeowners look to simply replace their existing windows, but you might even want to consider redesigning the window spaces in your home in order to add more of the natural lighting and scenery that the Sacramento, CA area is known for. We’re happy to come up with a design that will give new life to your home. Ask us for more details about the numerous window styles we design and install, including:

  • Entry Door Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Dormer Windows
  • Security Doors
  • Clerestory Windows

Serving Northern California
Since 1984