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Serving Northern California Since 1984

Serving Northern California Since 1984

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Pool Equipment in Sacramento, CA

An in-ground pool for a home is a wonderful luxury for a family and a great place for gatherings, celebrations, or simple relaxation. But a great pool needs the right equipment, such as recirculation pumps, and it also benefits from having a heater to extend the pool season. Finding the right equipment is as simple as finding the right professionals to install and maintain it—and that’s where we come in!

We offer many pool equipment services, which includes the best in solar pool heaters that provide the most economical way to keep a pool warmed up through an extended season. We serve the Greater Sacramento, CA area and select Northern California cities. Just call on Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc., The Guys in the Big Red Trucks.

We Install Pool Heaters and More

People often ask if it’s worth it to have a pool heater in a place like Sacramento, CA. To which we answer, "Yes!" When spring arrives, you’ll want to enjoy the use of your pool—but often the warmer weather that can naturally heat up the pool hasn’t yet shown up yet. We call this the "Cold Water Blues." But you don’t have to suffer from these blues when you work with us for pool heater installation and other services.

We are also the people to turn to for pool pumps, from installing them to repairs and regular maintenance. Our pumps are durable and designed for energy efficient and quiet operation.

Heat Your Pool with Solar Power

Among the pool heaters that we offer for installation are solar pool heaters. You already use solar energy to heat your pool on many days: it’s the radiant energy from the sunlight on the water. Why not make greater use of this energy source—one of the most easily available in a place like California—to also power the pool heater? You don’t even need a sunny day to power a solar pool heater. A solar pool heater gathers the sun’s energy with panels and helps to make pools warmer: think of it like a radiator for your pool!

We offer a variety of solar energy solutions for your pool, from automated solar covers to complete solar panel installation. You’ll start saving money immediately: beyond the initial installation price, you’ll pay almost nothing for the energy you use (the sun’s power costs nothing!), there’s very little maintenance required, and you can benefit from tax incentives and rebates. There’s no more economical way to provide pool heating.

Turn to Us to Get the Most from Your Pool in Sacramento, CA

We only use the best equipment for solar pool heating and pool pumps. We rely on FAFCO product for solar pool heating, high efficiency equipment from a leader in solar energy for over 30 years. FAFCO solar panels are light weight and won’t damage your roof—and you can always trust that our skilled technicians at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. will take special care to see the products are installed right. They take the same care with pool pumps and other pool products for your home. We’re proud of the many products we offer homes in the area—we’ve been serving them since 1984.

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