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Pool Pumps in Sacramento, CA

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A number of homes in the Sacramento area are equipped with swimming pools for relaxation and exercise alike. If you have a pool, you want to make sure that it is properly cared for, and part of this includes ensuring it has a good pool pump installed by a qualified team.  

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Let the experts in home services and energy efficiency install and service your pool pump for the most reliable use. 

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Why Recirculation Pumps Are Necessary

A pool pump, also called a recirculation pump, is necessary for a home’s pool. The water in a pool must be turned over and filtered once every 24 hours or else suffer a decline in water quality. A standard recirculation pump will do the job over an 8–to–12–hour period, moving the water through filters and preventing stagnation. Without an effective pool pump, the water will become cloudy and begin to develop algal growths. Spending more on chemicals in the water isn’t good enough—a pool pump’s job is vital!

Professional Pool Pump Installation

It’s also vital that a skilled professional install a pool pump. Only an experienced technician even knows how to find the right pump to do the job. If a recirculation pump is sized incorrectly so that it moves 2–to–3 times more gallons of water than necessary, it will waste energy and possibly damage the filters. An undersized pump is just as bad, failing to do its job and needing to run almost continually (which will drive neighbors nuts). Leave pool pump installation to our pros, and we’ll do it right!

Pool Pump Repair Services

Any mechanical device can malfunction. We only use the finest in pool pump equipment for our installations, but even these durable products aren’t infallible. Too much strain placed on the pump can result in the pump overheating and breaking down. We’re here to help no matter what issues you may encounter with your pump. It may require a simple repair, or perhaps we may need to put in a new motor for the pump. In some cases, replacing the unit is the best solution: we’ll take care of whatever is necessary to restore your pool pump’s operation.

We’re Your Pool Pump Service Experts in Sacramento, CA

You can take steps to help keep your pool pump working at its best. Clean out the pump basket on a regular basis to remove the debris caught in it, don’t run the pump 24–hours a day, and don’t run it when the pool is dry. If you have pool pump trouble, contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. and trust the hard work to us. We’ve served Sacramento, CA and the Greater Sacramento area since 1984, and we have experience with different pool equipment services. Depend on us to look out for all your home energy efficiency needs, from the pool to the ductwork: we’re on call 24/7!

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