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Serving Northern California Since 1984

Serving Northern California Since 1984

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Home Performance Services in Sacramento, CA

The term “home performance” can be a little broad, but this doesn’t negate its importance. What exactly does this encompass, and why should it matter to you? Well first of all, it should matter to you because you live in the Sacramento, CA area—a community where the climate is diverse and requires the use of many home appliances which you understandably would like to save money on using.


The professionals at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. are here to provide quality home performance services—that is, determining areas of your home where energy loss is a problem, and resolving those problems throughout your home. Contact our team today to get the process started—Sierra Pacific, The Guys In The Big Red Trucks.

What is a Home Energy Audit?

Perhaps you live in an aging home that suffers from drafts and energy bills that are out of control. Or maybe you have a newer home, but it’s not living up to your comfort expectations. What could be happening is that you’re losing air—energy—through systems of your home that you shouldn’t be.

A home energy audit is when our specially trained staff comes in with the right tools and systems to check the pressurization of your home and determine trouble areas from which air may be escaping. Many Sacramento, CA residents are surprised by just how much money they’re wasting on comfort standards they’re never meeting.

Ask about Our Home Performance Solutions

Every home throughout Sacramento, CA is different, as are the needs of the residents living there. This means finding the right products and services to help your specific home’s efficiency, rather than just applying a one–size–fits all resolution.

This means that we tailor a number of different options to meet your needs. We are happy to go through each of these options with you to help you pick the best solution or combination of solutions for your home.

  • Air Sealing: As we mentioned above, air leaks can originate from a number of locations. This even includes the spaces around plumbing pipes and electrical outlets. Air sealing is when our Service Professionals use professional–grade tools to close up these air loss opportunities.
  • Insulation: You certainly already know how helpful insulation is in the wintertime, helping to increase the effectiveness of your heating system by keeping the warmth in. But did you know insulation can actually help all year round? That’s right, it helps to better retain cool air in the summer by keeping the warmth out.
  • Ductwork Services: You may be surprised by how much conditioned air you could be losing through your central AC air ducts. In fact, you could be wasting up to 30% of this air—reducing your comfort and hurting your wallet. Not only do we provide exceptional duct testing and sealing services, we offer duct repair and replacement, too.
  • Window and Door Replacement: Many homeowners throughout Sacramento, CA choose to replace their windows or doors at certain times to improve the look of their homes. But what if we told you there are additional benefits to this? Investing in better quality windows and doors can help you save money, too.

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