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Serving Northern California Since 1984

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Energy Audits in Sacramento, CA

How often do you think about your home energy efficiency? Whenever you have a utility bill and think it’s higher than it should be, there’s a good chance that efficiency is to blame! But that doesn’t mean you should use appliances less, nor does it necessarily mean that something is wrong with any of your appliances. In fact, you could be using the latest and greatest technology in your home, and have it professionally installed, but still be losing energy and wasting money!

You may need a home energy audit to determine where you need energy recovery. We’re talking about the energy you’re losing from drafty doors and windows, as well as spaces around plumbing pipes that lead to the outside, and even electrical outlets. No home in Sacramento, CA is immune to these problems, so call Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. today to learn how we can help—Sierra Pacific, The Guys In The Big Red Trucks.

Do You Really Need a Home Energy Audit?

While older homes do tend to have more of a problem with energy loss, newer homes are not immune. Nor are older homes that are equipped with new appliances and household systems with greater energy efficiency. A high efficiency air conditioner, for instance, means nothing if your cool, conditioned air is escaping out of a crack under the door.

An energy audit will help us determine where an older home needs improvements to bring it up to date, and even where a newer home might be suffering. An effectively performed energy audit—which you’ll receive when you schedule the assessment with our team—takes your home as a full energy system in order to see where improvements will make you more comfortable, and lower your high energy bills.

There are a number of products and services we can recommend that will help you with energy recovery, but in order to make the best recommendations possible, we need to be able to accurately pinpoint exactly where the problem areas are.

What Goes Into These Home Performance Assessments?

No two homes are alike. This means that no two energy audits are going to be the same either. However, you can expect a number of similar tests and inspections when our professionals arrive at your home, equipped with the best tools to find where your home is gaining or losing heat.

One of these processes is the blower door test. A blower door is a component that fits over the aperture of your home’s front door. A fan in the door lowers the air pressure throughout your house, enabling our auditors to quickly locate areas where air is allowed to flow back through leaks in the home.

Our professionals will also do a walk–through of your home to visually inspect for any inefficient appliances, or other places where your home might not be living up to its energy potential. Once we have made all the major inspections, we’ll provide you with a full assessment of areas that need improving, and give you suggestions on how to make those improvements.

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