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Solar Services for Modesto, CA

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Solar energy is one of the fastest growing energy industries in the country. As the technology continues to improve, more households can affordably take advantage of installations like solar panels, solar pool heaters, solar water heaters, and general solar electricity. Past the installation costs and some energy from the grid, solar energy costs nothing! You can save immense amounts in your annual energy budget thanks to the solar installations we offer Modesto, CA. We’re a leader in solar energy and the solar electricity industry, and we have a team of certified electricians, installation technicians, managers, and rebate specialists to help you.

Solar Electricity for Top Industry Technicians

The cost of solar electricity has dropped down compared to utility rates: you can cut out 84% of your electric bill with professionally installed solar panels and an attached system designed to meet your needs. Arrange for an appointment with our Modesto, CA solar electricity experts, and they’ll help you find the best installation as well as assist you in qualifying for the Solar Federal Tax credit that can pay for a substantial part of the system. Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. want you to have the best in solar energy.

Enjoy Your Pool More Thanks to Solar Pool Heaters

The sun provides a great heat source for an outdoor pool—it’s free and easily available, at least during parts of the year. But if you want to extend your pool season in Modesto, CA, you can find ways to harness the sun more effectively with a solar pool heater. Avoid the cold–water season in spring and fall thanks to a solar pool heater installation from our solar experts at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc.. We offer complete solar power heater services.

We Install and Service Solar Water Heaters

One of the best ways to get started using solar power for your home in Modesto, CA is with a solar–powered water heater. These are small and easy installations, making a great gateway into using more solar power. The benefits are tremendous, since water heaters use up the most amount of heating power in a house. Imagine getting most of that energy free from the sun! You can also qualify for a tax credit. Contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. to find out more.

Tesla Power Wall Home Battery

The Tesla Power Wall is a way to back–up power in your home in case of outages. You can have Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. install a Tesla Power Wall to integrate into your solar energy system so that it takes the surplus from the solar panels to use at night. But you can also have the Power Wall installed as a home backup system that operates independently to keep your home running when utility company problems or natural disasters (like earthquakes) in Modesto, CA cut off the power.

The Adara Battery for Better Solar Energy Use

At Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc., we offer the Adara Power Storage System for solar energy installation. Using an Adara Battery for your home’s solar energy system allows you to shift solar power to cover peak energy hours and increase system reliability. You don’t have to worry about nights and overcast days in Modesto, CA: you’ll have 24/7 operation of your protected loads. The Adara Battery is Smart Grid–ready and comes with a 10–year performance warranty—and you can expect a long life of over 4,000 cycles.

Solar Attic Fans Add Even More Energy Savings in Modesto, CA

The attic is the hottest part of any home. During sunny summer days, the temperature in an attic can rise higher than 130°F. The heat will spread to other parts of the house, even through attic insulation, making for an unpleasantly warmer home that means more power used for the AC. But if you have Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. install solar attic fans, you can beat this problem. Solar attic fans vent out the extra heat from an attic, cooling down the rest of the home at almost no additional cost.

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