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Solar Services for Stockton, CA

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Have you thought about adding solar energy to your home, but never knew how to get started? Or perhaps you thought solar energy was simply out of reach for you in Stockton, CA. At Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc., we’re proud to help homeowners like you find the fast and affordable route to taking advantage of the free power of the sun! Our team of specialists–including experts in solar electricity, installation, and solar energy rebates–can help you with a wide range of installations such as solar water heaters, back–up batteries, solar panels, and solar attic fans. Speak to our professionals today for an appointment.

We Are a Leader in the Solar Electricity Industry

Did you know that you can lower your electrical bills by up to 84% with a solar electrical system? And that, thanks to the Solar Federal Tax Credit, you can have the electric company pay for most of the installation? It’s true–but you need to have solar energy professionals like those at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. install the solar panels and design the system in order to receive the full benefit for your home in Stockton, CA. We’re here to give you the solar power you need!

Solar Pool Heaters for a Stockton, CA Home

An outdoor pool is a fantastic luxury. But when it’s overcast outside or during cooler parts of the year, a pool isn’t much good. The solution is a solar–powered pool heater (which also works on cloudy days). Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. can outfit your household pool with the right size of solar heating system that will keep the pool warmed up for spring and fall–and all at minor cost to you. The pool heater requires little upkeep, and the power from the sun is free!

Consider Our Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are among the most popular solar energy options for a home: they’re affordable, small installations that offer a great entry point for homeowners who are just starting out with using solar energy. Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. has the experts who can help you find the right type and size of solar water heater to work with your Stockton, CA home’s needs. They’ll also assist you with qualifying for a 30% Federal Tax credit. With a solar water heater, you can drastically reduce your annual energy use.

The Adara Battery Means Better Solar Energy Performance

When the sun’s not out in Stockton, CA, how does your solar energy system run? A battery stores the solar power to cover these periods as well as times of peak energy use. Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. uses the excellent Adara Power Storage System for this job: this battery increases your solar energy reliability and ensures 24/7 operation. You’ll be protected against rising energy costs. The Adara Battery has a long life (over 4,000 cycles) and comes with a 10–year performance warranty.

You Can Benefit from Solar Attic Fans

Here’s another excellent method to put solar energy to work for your house in Stockton, CA. Solar attic fans blow out the superheated air inside an attic, lowering temperatures that can sometimes rise to 130°F during the summer. With those intense temperatures lowered, and at almost no power cost thanks to the free energy from the sun, the rest of the house will enjoy greater comfort and the air conditioner will get a break. Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. can help you benefit from solar attic fans.

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