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Energy Storage Services in El Dorado Hills, CA

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What good is solar energy if there’s a potential to run out of it? While we do live in sunny El Dorado Hills, there’s always a chance that a few days of stormy weather can hide the sun away. That’s why you need a backup energy storage solution. 

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energy storage El Dorado Hills, CA

Ask about our battery storage system installation and services in El Dorado Hills! They allow you to store unused solar power rather than sending it back into the electrical grid.

So when you do need that extra power from the sun, you have it at your disposal. Not only is this great for times that the weather is dreary, but also if there’s a widespread power outage.

Energy Storage Services in El Dorado Hills, CA:

  • Generac PWRCELL Backup Battery System
  • Panasonic EverVolt Backup Battery System
  • StorEdge / LG Chem Backup Battery System
  • Backup Battery Storage Installation
  • Backup Battery Storage Repair
  • Backup Battery Storage Replacement

energy storage system El Dorado Hills, CA

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