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6 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Heat Pump


Your heat pump isn’t a cheap investment and you want it to last for as long as possible. That’s reasonable, but just because it’s more durable doesn’t mean it can be neglected.

Beyond annual maintenance, there are a few things that you can do to ensure your heat pump makes it through the next 10-20 years without dying on you.

Don’t get stuck calling for heat pump services in Sacramento, CA unless you really need them when there are so many preventable problems. While this isn’t a guarantee that your heat pump won’t break down, it significantly reduces the chances of it happening.

1. Swap Out Those Air Filters

Heat pumps still use forced air, so they pull air in and then push air out. During the air intake, they suck up dust and debris, which gets caught by an air intake filter. But over time, the filter clogs with dust and doesn’t do its job anymore. Change the filter out every 30 days or else you’ll run into airflow problems.

2. Invest in a Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

Smart Wi-Fi thermostats help you reduce the wear and tear on your heat pump (and any HVAC system, really) by optimizing how you use your HVAC equipment. Instead of just leaving it on “Auto” and hoping for the best, set your thermostat to learn your heating habits, and let it do its job by optimizing your heater use.

3. Don’t Delay When You Need Repairs

If the need for repair arises, treat it with urgency. Don’t delay, because every minute that your heat pump operates with a faulty component is another big chunk of wear and tear on the entire system.

4. Update Your Home’s Insulation

Insulation plays a critical role in the way that your home handles heating and cooling efficiency. No matter how good your heat pump is, it can’t fight against bad insulation. Don’t make it work harder than it needs to; it will lower its lifespan if it’s always fighting.

5. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean as Well

The exterior part of your heat pump needs some TLC as well. It helps with ventilation, so keep debris away from it, make sure the grass that grows next to it is mowed, and keep it clean.

6. Let Your Heat Pump Rest From Time to Time

Your heat pump is both a heating and cooling solution. It’s always on the clock, but what if you let it rest from time to time? Instead of being set to “Auto” and flipping on all the time, shut it down on days when it feels acceptable to do so.

The more your heat pump has to work, the shorter its lifespan is. Reduce wear and tear by asking yourself, “Is it really necessary to have this on?” every now and again.

Regular Care for Your Heat Pump

Now you know the best ways to truly take the stress off your heat pump and make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency at the same time.

Your heat pump can last you for a seriously long time with proper care. Between your efforts and annual maintenance, it stands a fighting chance.

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