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Solar-Powered Attic Fans? Yes Please


Attic fans have tons of benefits, including reducing your overall energy spent in your home (while reducing the strain on your HVAC system). They’re pretty marvelous, but everything’s better when you can let the sun power it.

Solar attic fans in Rancho Cordova, CA only really need to run during the day, and they aren’t required as much on cooler, overcast days. They’re basically the perfect solution for your attic temperature troubles. Let’s go over all the benefits in detail together.

Reduces HVAC Strain and Dependency

Wear and tear is a pretty common term that applies to the basic idea that the more something is used, the more it wears down or loses durability. This is especially true with HVAC systems.

Having an attic fan can cool your attic down by as much as 50°F just by moving air around. Without going into the deep details of thermodynamics, we can all agree that hot areas in your home aren’t contributing to the air conditioner’s effectiveness.

A cooler attic means that your AC doesn’t have to work to cool your home as often. Less cycles equates to less wear and tear, but also less energy consumption. Mix that with the lack of energy consumption from your new solar fan, and you’re saving money all over the place.

Works During the Right Time of Day

Generally speaking, it’s not going to be ridiculously hot at night. While the sun’s out, your solar-powered attic fan runs and cools your attic, which also happens to be heating up due to sunlight.

When it’s overcast, there’s less direct sunlight on your roof to heat up your attic, which also reduces your dependency on the attic fan. Essentially, the fan runs when you need it the most, and doesn’t need to run during off-peak temperature hours. It’s a win-win everywhere you look.

Little Maintenance Required

Attic fans aren’t that complicated, which is great for their durability. While it’s important to conduct annual maintenance on any heating and cooling system in your home, attic fans just don’t run into that many problems.

Beyond being easy to maintain, they’re also easy to install in the first place. This is arguably the lowest barrier-to-entry investment in your home that you’ll make all year, and it stands to save you tons in energy bills.

Not the Way You Thought You Were Going Solar

We all know the benefits of going solar, but did you think your attic fan would be the next innovation? A lot of people don’t, but now that you can see all the benefits, how could you not install a solar attic fan?

Contact us today to get one set up in your home as soon as possible. Reduce the temperature in your attic without increasing your electric bills and start actually conserving all the energy you lose from having a hot attic.

Contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. today to schedule your solar-powered attic fan installation as soon as possible. You can never go wrong with The Guys in the Big Red Trucks.

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