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Ductless Air Conditioning Repairs Benefit from the Right Service

ductless-heating-systemsDuctless air conditioners make an outstanding solution for homes that can’t support the ducts required for traditional centralized air conditioning. Instead of using one single unit to cool your home, they utilize multiple units, placed evenly throughout the household and each charged with cooling a single room or section of your house.

That involves a lot of good things for your home: comprehensive air conditioning without relying on ducts, as well as the ability to control the temperature in different sections independently of each other (and turn off the cool air in some parts of the home while still running it in others). But repair issues do occur with ductless systems, just as they do with any other electronic device, and when they do, you should make sure you contact someone with a specialty in ductless air conditioning service. Why? Read on for the answers.

Unique Problems

Ductless systems usually operate under the same principles as centralized air — running refrigerant through a closed loop to generate cool air–which means that many of the issues plaguing centralized systems can appear there too. Leaking refrigerant, for instance, is a common problem with ductless systems, as are issues with the blower. But because they take place within a unique system, you want a service that is familiar with that system to correct it. That way, repairs will proceed swiftly and won’t waste any time or money. A service that only specializes in centralized air will be forced to “transpose” and conduct repairs based on a lot of educated guesswork.

Furthermore, some problems are unique to ductless systems. In particular, poor wiring issues can interfere with settings and individual breakdowns. The technician needs to have experience with such issues and the proper training necessary to correct them properly.

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