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How a Whole-House Fan Helps You

relaxed-homeownerWhole-house fans used to be the main means for regulating the temperature within a household until modern air conditioning systems came into the picture. Yet, they are still used to complement AC systems for a number of reasons. At Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc., we specialize in installing whole-house fans, which circulate air by creating specific pressure points throughout your house. In particular, whole-house fans draw in cooler air from outside and vent warmer air out through the attic or roof.

In this post, we discuss four ways a whole-house fan helps you, emphasizing how homeowners can benefit from getting these fans installed.

This Fan Saves You Money

A whole-house fan saves money because it allows you to turn off your AC system and use the cooler outside air to regulate the temperature of your house. This is because whole-house fans use a powerful suction to disperse this cool air throughout your home while simultaneously releasing hot air outside through roof vents.

Many homeowners will leave their AC system running even when the outside air is cooler than the inside air, but this is extremely inefficient. By using a whole-house fan in these situations, you will actually make your energy usage more efficient, which will save you money on your monthly energy bill. Additionally, many utility companies offer incentives and rebates for purchasing a whole-house fan, which means even more saved money.

A Whole-House Fan Is Simple to Use

Some forms of maximizing energy efficiency require significant sacrifices and take a long time to take effect. Yet, whole-house fans are simple to use, requiring only that you turn on the fan, open some windows, and turn off the AC system. In addition, they are extremely quick and provide almost immediate results.

A Whole-House Fan Uses Natural, Fresh Air

Many people love using whole-house fans because they populate the house with natural air from outside. Modern AC systems, on the other hand, condition air that is already inside and remove the heat from it.

Many people use whole-house fans in the early morning or late-night hours in order to let natural air flow into their house. Then, when temperatures rise throughout the day, they use their AC systems, which conditions fresh, high-quality air rather than old air that has been circulating for weeks. Whole-house fans also create a comfortable cross breeze which you can’t get when the AC system is running.


Perhaps the most important benefit of a whole-house fan is that it’s more sustainable than using an AC system to regulate the temperature of your house. Many refrigerants that are used for powering AC systems release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. By using a whole-house fan, you minimize these emissions and contribute to healing the planet.

Some Final Thoughts on Whole-House Fans

We think whole-house fans are an emerging trend that energy-conscious and budget-minded homeowners are using more frequently. Not only are they a more natural way to cool your house, but they save you money and protect the environment.

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