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Solve Your Heating and Cooling Needs in One System

vent-in-wall-near-floorWhile we may not experience the bitterly cold temperatures that other parts of the state do, there’s no denying that our weather does get quite cold as we venture into fall and winter. And with that, you’ll want to make sure your home heating system is in great shape and ready to take on the cooler temps. Professional preventive maintenance and timely repairs will help accomplish this.

However, if you have an aging heater, it may be time for you to consider replacing your heater altogether. But wait, before you go out and buy a simple upgrade from your existing system, we have a question for you. Is your air conditioner also approaching the end of its lifespan? If so, you’d do well to consider the installation of a heat pump system—a system that both heats and cools the space where they’re installed.

The Power of a Heat Pump

A heat pump basically functions like a standard central air conditioner, though there are a couple exceptions. Similar to an air conditioner, heat pumps are comprised of two units—an outdoor one and an indoor one.

In cooling mode during the summer, the inside unit absorbs heat from inside your home, expelling it outdoors, and the refrigerant process introduces chilled air back into the living space. But then a heat pump does something quite different from a standard air conditioner in the winter.

In heating mode during the winter, the outside unit evaporates refrigerant to absorb thermal energy from outside. The refrigerant gas is then condensed back into liquid in the indoor unit to release that collected heat into your home.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump System

Being able to rely on just one system for your whole-home climate control throughout the year is a big benefit in terms of saving both space and money. However, it’s definitely not the only advantage of installing a heat pump. These systems also tend to be more energy efficient than the majority of heaters on the market.

The reason for this is that they don’t have to combust fuel in order to generate heat. This means you’re not stuck spending extra money every month on things like a higher gas bill. Within a few years of installation, in fact, a heat pump system will pay for itself with how much it saves you on your energy bills.

Heat pump HVAC systems are extremely convenient, allowing you to use just one system for climate control throughout the entire year. With a traditional central AC and furnace set up, you’ll be spending twice as much money to keep both systems in good condition.

If you’re using a heat pump though, you only have to schedule two maintenance visits (one in the fall for the heating season and one in the spring for the cooling season) for one system and won’t need to worry as much about failing components as they’ll be checked on a regular basis.

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