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Are You Heating Your Home Efficiently?

What if you had the ability to increase the comfort of your home and lower your heating bill all at once? Would you jump at the opportunity? Well, you are in luck, because you do have that ability! There are actually some easy steps you can take to not only boost your heater’s efficiency throughout the remainder of fall and through winter but increase comfort too.

While it may not get as bitterly cold here as it does in other parts of the country, we understand the unique needs of Sacramento area residents, and we know that you want a powerful furnace that works when you need it. But you should be able to do that affordably! Read on to learn how you can accomplish this.

Have Maintenance Done

When’s the last time you had a heating system tune-up? If you didn’t say “earlier this fall” or “earlier this year” then it’s time to give us a call for maintenance today. Preventative tune-ups are the only way to make sure that you are getting the most from your furnace, boiler, or heat pump system.

When your heater is properly serviced, you’ll get the best quality heat available. During maintenance, we do a thorough inspection to ensure that everything is in place and operating as it should. We also thoroughly clean the system and make adjustments as needed. Your heating bills will be lower and your comfort greater by staying on top of maintenance. Ask about our maintenance program to learn about additional benefits!

Get a Smarter Thermostat

If you’ve made the upgrade from a basic digital thermostat or manual slider thermostat to a programmable one, then you’ve already made a step in the right direction. But have you discovered the benefits of a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat? Smart thermostats are several steps ahead of outdated slider systems.

Smart thermostats have the ability to learn from your preferred settings and peak times for heating (and cooling). Over time, these thermostats are able to adjust accordingly on their own. This makes Wi-Fi and smart thermostats very cost effective.

Have Your Ducts Sealed

Have you ever invested in duct sealing before? If your ventilation system is old, worn out, or simply improperly installed or sealed, then professional service will dramatically boost efficiency.

The thing is, you lose a lot of your heated air when it escapes through duct breaches. Also, you wind up running your heater longer to try to reach the desired temperature on your thermostat. As you might imagine, this is pretty wasteful.

“Wait, Can’t I Just Use Duct Tape?”

Here’s the thing. First off, your ductwork is not simple to access. That requires our professional and experienced technicians. Secondly, duct tape isn’t actually appropriately named. It should never be used for HVAC ductwork, as the temperature fluctuations can cause the tape to become brittle and break down, defeating the purpose of sealing up your ducts in the first place!

Need quality heating services in Sacramento, CA? Contact “The Guys in the Big Red Trucks”—Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc.

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