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Check Your Heater with Timely Maintenance

heating-maintenance-fallThe weather is getting colder by the day, and if you aren’t running your heating system on a regular basis already, you soon will be. Imagine the trouble you’ll have if you turn on your furnace in the middle of a cold front and have it fail to turn on or demonstrate some other kind of problem. A timely repair service can get the problem dealt with, but far better than fixing problem is preventing it in the first place.

The best way to do this is through timely maintenance from a trained technician, once a year before the winter begins in earnest. Maintenance isn’t the same as a formal repair, which is intended to address a specific problem. It more closely resemble a tune-up, giving the technician a chance to look for any problems in your system. If the problems are small, they can be fixed as a part of maintenance. If they’re larger, you can schedule repairs to deal with it before you have serious need of your heater.

That provides several long-term benefits for your system:

  • Lower operating costs. Maintenance improved efficiency by tightening loose bolts, cleaning clogged filters, and other little steps. As a result, your heater won’t cost as much to run from month to month, saving you on energy costs during the winter.
  • An early jump on repairs. By catching larger repairs early, maintenance gives you a chance to deal with them on your timetable instead of scrambling in the face of an unexpected breakdown.
  • Longer life. When applied regularly over time, maintenance can cut down on repair costs later in the heater’s life, and can even extend the life of your system well past the expiration of its warranty.

Call the pros at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. for heating maintenance throughout Sacramento, CA.

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