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How Solar Pool Heaters Improve Your Swimming Pool

solar-pool-heaterMany homes in the area enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool: allowing owners to throw summer parties, have fun with their families, or enjoy a private swim at the beginning or end of their day. But swimming pools usually require heaters to ensure that the water temperature is warm enough for people to enjoy. In those cases, we strongly recommend installing solar pool heaters to improve your swimming pool’s use. A trained expert can easily set up a system for your home, and the benefits such systems provide can be considerable. They include the following:

  1. It can extend the swimming season. Winter months often mean that it is too cold to take a swim, especially if you enjoy swimming in the early hours of the morning. Solar pool heaters are highly efficient and allow you to keep the pool’s water warmer even in cooler months: extending the swimming season considerably.
  2. It saves energy. Solar pool heaters require an up-front investment in the system. Once it’s installed, however, it can shave a great deal off of your monthly heating bills, especially if you use your pool a great deal. And solar pool heaters are very eco-friendly, which means you can lower your carbon footprint without skimping on use of your pool.
  3. It’s quiet and efficient. Solar pool heaters don’t make a lot of noise, which means they won’t provide a distraction when you’re trying to enjoy your pool. In addition, they have few moving parts, and once they’re installed they require little maintenance or repairs. That means you can use your pool without as much fuss as you might with a non-solar pool heater.

For solar pool heater installation and services here in the Sacramento, CA area, call on the pros at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. today to make an appointment!

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