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Is It Too Early for Heating System Maintenance?


With temperatures in the 90s, you may wonder why on earth we’d be talking about heating maintenance already. But the truth is, the next couple months are the perfect time to have heating maintenance done, before you actually need the system the most.

Professional HVAC maintenance enables our technicians to thoroughly inspect your heating system. This is vital for many reasons. First off, we’re able to check for potential safety issues in addition to anything that may be causing performance and/or efficiency problems. We also clean the system extensively, and check for any symptoms of small repair needs from natural wear and tear before they grow into bigger emergencies.

Maintenance Helps You Save Energy (and Money!)

As we just mentioned, during your professional heating maintenance appointment, our technicians will thoroughly clean and inspect the heater. This helps it perform at its best, providing you with the heat that you expect from your system.

Whether there is a broken or loose component restricting airflow or affecting other components of your heater, the smallest problems can lead to performance issues that can cause the heating system to eat up more energy than it should. A clean system is an energy-efficient system—and an energy-efficient system is an affordable one!

Maintenance Improves Comfort

It likely goes without saying that a system that is well-maintained will be able to keep you comfortable more easily. With nothing restricting airflow or lowering the temperature of the air coming through your vents, you can rely on warmth all fall and winter long.

Maintenance Can Help Your Indoor Air Quality

Dirty ductwork can have a negative effect on the health and cleanliness of the air you breathe. A dirty heater can allow in various allergens, such as dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris. An ill-maintained heating system can even let potentially harmful contaminants into your home, like carbon monoxide.

Maintenance Keeps Your Household Safer

When a gas-powered heating system or furnace grows older, it accumulates wear and tear. And while rare, sometimes this wear and tear results in a cracked heat exchanger. This clamshell-shaped component expands and contracts with the temperature fluctuations of the heater. When they do this enough, they start to form small fissures, allowing carbon monoxide into the home.

This isn’t just bad for your indoor air quality (remember the carbon monoxide exposure we mentioned above?) but it can be hazardous to the health of your household. During maintenance, though, our professionals check for potential hazards such as this, giving you peace of mind.

Increased Lifespan

When you keep your heating system well maintained, functioning as efficiently as it can and with as few repair needs as possible, it will last longer. A well-maintained system can be expected to last about 10–15 years while an ill-maintained system may only last half of that.

Be sure to ask us about our maintenance program. In addition to the benefits we mentioned above, you’ll get exclusive benefits that only our customers receive!

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