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The Cost-Saving Benefits of Going Solar

solar-panels-with-yellow-flowers-in-foreground“Solar Energy” has become quite a buzzworthy term in recent years, and for a very good reason. There has been a lot of advances in solar energy, and this type of technology is especially beneficial here in sunny California. Homeowners have various incentives available to install solar panels on their property, and the benefits of doing so can not be understated.

If you are thinking about having solar panels installed to operate your electrical system, now is the time! Read on as we uncover the top, cost-saving benefits of installing solar panels.

Clean Energy

The energy you get from the sun is infinitely renewable—you’ll never run out. This means it is energy that can’t be depleted and theoretically will run forever. Additionally, once they are installed, solar panels have no moving parts and require no energy input in order to operate.

Occasional maintenance is of course recommended, along with repairs in the event that any of your panels are damaged by inclement weather. But there is no heavy maintenance needs and no fuel to burn off like with other energy sources, ranking solar energy among the cleanest you can get. This reduces your carbon footprint and costs you less to use electrical power.

An Upfront Investment

Solar panels do require an upfront investment. This is, of course, something you’ll want to consider carefully, thinking about your current resources. But in exchange for your investment, you’ll enjoy huge savings on your electrical utility bills from month to month.

In some cases, you may even be able to eliminate that cost entirely, or even generate excess electricity you can sell back to the power grid. Over time, this will add up to hundreds of dollars in savings, and since solar panels can function effectively for decades, you’ll be able to enjoy those savings throughout your homeownership without worrying about the cost of replacement.

State Incentives

The state of California heavily encourages the use of solar energy, and for that reason has made an investment in it, but offering a series of incentives and rebates that are designed to help homeowners just like you invest in solar energy.

Check out the Net Energy Metering program for recent updates to these incentives and to learn how you can save.

A Team That Cares

On top of all the above-mentioned benefits, when you work with Sierra Pacific for your solar energy needs, you’ll be working with a team who can be trusted with all aspects of the work, from installation to follow-up service. We’ll help you decide how many solar panels you need, the best location to install them, and the types of tax incentives and rebates you can use to maximize your investment.

Our technicians will perform the installation without issues, and perform repairs and maintenance as needed, ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the work and getting the most from your home comfort and utility usage.

For more information about solar electric panels in Rocklin, CA, contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort Inc.: The Guys in the Big Red Trucks!

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