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How Much Can Solar Energy Save?


This is a great question. While we can’t give you exact numbers on how much your solar energy system could potentially save as opposed to a conventional energy system, we can help quell some questions you might have.

The biggest worry that keeps homeowners away from talking to a solar company in Rocklin is the initial cost. People have tight budgets these days, and that means they’re less likely to go out on a limb and pay for something that might make return their investment down the line. Unfortunately, solar energy isn’t one of those exciting gambles that can get you savings quickly. It’s a long-term investment that is more likely to save you money over your lifetime.

Every home needs energy. A solar energy system switches things up so that you have easier access to abundant, free energy. Here’s how it can help your budget.

How Solar Energy Works

People might think they know how solar panels and a solar energy system works, but that’s just from secondhand knowledge and hearing about them on the news. There are a few aspects of this system that many homeowners actually don’t know about.

Solar panels take the energy from the sun and use it to charge your home’s electrical system. When the photons from the sun’s rays hit a solar cell that’s on your roof, they’re knocked loose and provide movement that creates energy in an electrical circuit. Each panel has multiple solar cells, which means you’ve got tiny electrical circuits running every day and charging the batteries of your home. This energy then provides the power needed for your appliances and pretty much anything in your home.

A Long-Term Investment

The reason why solar energy systems are more long-term than other electrical systems is because they initially cost more than a conventional system. While it’s true that solar energy system costs are rapidly dropping, they’re not quite as cheap as a conventional energy system, which can be a huge turn-off for homeowners. However, when you compare that to enjoying practically free energy on most days of the year thanks to a solar energy system, the balance can shift quickly.

Here are two different budgets, homes, and scenarios to think about when comparing what your life would be like investing in these energy systems.

  • Paying for a conventional energy system now. Many homeowners decide to just cut costs now and invest in an average energy system. These can last for a long time with minor repairs and maintenance, but you’ll always depend on your local power grid for all of your appliances and devices.
  • Investing in a solar energy system. The cost might be higher today, and the installation of solar panels is a little intensive, but you’ll know it’s worth it when you see your energy bills. Solar panels can also last for a long time, and they provide an abundance of free energy for the majority of the year. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but you’re also independent of the power grid and won’t depend so heavily on your local municipality when storms hit and things go wrong.

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