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What Can You Do to Live Greener?

illustration-of-green-homeHomeowners today are constantly looking for ways to live greener. Whether their motivation is to save money or to help the environment, or both, they seek home comfort systems that perform more efficiently, leave less of a carbon footprint, and help them feel good about their purchase.

As leaders in the solar energy space, we understand and cater to this. Our solar technology allows homeowners to effectively and efficiently power everything in their home from lighting to their air conditioner and all their other appliances.

Investing in solar isn’t the only thing you can do in your home or around your community to live greener, though! Read on for some tips we’ve gathered.

Use Paper Less and Recycle More

Fortunately, with digital technology being where it’s at, it’s easy to go a day without ever needing a notebook or piece of paper. And the less paper you use, the less paper needs to be produced.

If your job or lifestyle does require you to use paper, you can still make an actionable difference by recycling the paper that you do use. Today, over 40% of municipal solid waste is paper or paper products, and it uses less energy to recycle than to create new paper.

Use Canvas Bags Instead of Plastic

You’ve noticed many stores in the surrounding communities have stopped using single-use plastic bags altogether and have started encouraging canvas bags instead. This helps keep plastic out of landfills, and canvas bags are simply more eco-friendly.

Also, canvas bags are more durable, so that’s an added bonus!

Start a Compost Bin

Compost bins have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they allow homeowners to re-use things that would normally just be thrown away. Plus, they help you save money and help your plants grow better in your garden.

Install the Right Lighting

Did you know that CFL lightbulbs can last around five times longer and use considerably less electricity than incandescent lightbulbs? They’re also brighter, which means you may be able to get away with using less lighting in your home—an added bonus.

With longer-lasting lightbulbs, you’re able to keep waste out of landfills and consume less energy while at it.

Lower Your Energy Use

As we head into summer, we’re going to be using our air conditioners a lot. Thankfully, there are ways for you to use your air conditioner more efficiently and therefore cut down on your energy use.

For example, do you run your ceiling fans simultaneously with your air conditioner? It helps your AC system more evenly distribute cooled air, which means you can turn up the temperature on the thermostat and allow your air conditioner to take a break, using less energy and saving you money.

Raising the temperature on your thermostat in general will help with this, actually. Homeowners often have their thermostats set at 71°F when, in actuality, most people are comfortable at 78°F. By turning it up just a few degrees, you help your air conditioner run for shorter periods of time and reduce your energy use.

To learn more about how to go green with solar panels in Sacramento, contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc.—The Guys in the Big Red Trucks.

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