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Have You Considered These AC Upgrades This Year?

wi-fi-thermostat-in-foreground-with-house-backgroundTypically as we get to this part of the year, you’ve had maintenance done for your air conditioner—hopefully—and we’re ready to start enjoying the season, even if it means running our air conditioners on almost a daily basis.

What if we told you that you could save money on your cooling needs this summer? There are many efficiency-boosting actions you can take, like using your ceiling fans to evenly distribute the cooled air from your air conditioner. But there are also some upgrades you may want to consider if you haven’t already. These upgrades can help your air conditioner perform better, last longer, and can help you feel more comfortable. Read on to learn more!

Air Filtration

Your HVAC systems came installed with an air filter already in them. This air filter is very basic, designed to strain out debris like dust, hair, and other particles such as cleaning products and pet dander as your heating and cooling systems run. Air filters work just fine, and you can even purchase high-quality filters at any hardware or home improvement store fairly easily. Changing this air filter every 1–3 months is necessary for the functionality of your air conditioner, as the air filter protects it from being pummeled with debris.

However, an electronic air filter can help with this immensely. Electronic air filters provide comprehensive dust filtration by ionizing particles as they pass through the filtration, and your home becomes cleaner. As a result, less particles even make it to the standard air filter. Therefore, you won’t need to change it much at all.

Going Ductless

Is your air conditioner aging? Were you perhaps told during your maintenance appointment that it doesn’t have much life in it left? Or maybe you have damaged ductwork. Whatever the case, you’d do well to consider a ductless system.

Ductless HVAC systems are comprised of a single outdoor unit, like a heat pump, and up to four indoor air handlers per outdoor unit. Each of these air handlers can be controlled independently of one another. This means you can have one temperature up in one room and have it a different temperature in another. This means higher efficiency than the standard central air conditioner, and less energy costs for you.

Investing in a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Thermostats last a long time, but they absolutely have their limits. Even upgrading from a manual “slider” thermostat to the most basic digital, programmable thermostat will do you good, as you’ll get more precise temperature control. But for the best efficiency, you’ll want to consider a Wi-Fi thermostat, which essentially “learns” from your cooling (and heating) habits to adjust accordingly.

The fact of the matter is, older thermostats lack the advancements that more recent models can provide, even if you forgo a Wi-Fi model for a basic programmable or accurate digital thermostat.

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