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How This Installation Can Help AC Efficiency

attic-roof-ventWith the official start of fall just around the corner, homeowners like yourself are probably looking forward to shutting off air conditioners for the season. After all, with all the use our cooling systems get, our utility bills can get quite high. So it makes sense that you want to stop using your system soon.

Still though, we have plenty of warmer temperatures ahead–warm enough to warrant continued use of your air conditioner. So how can you use yours most efficiently, to keep from paying exorbitant energy bills? Well, one way is with the installation of a solar attic fan! This is a large fan installed in the attic that is efficiently powered by the sun. And that’s just the beginning! Read on to learn more.

Solar Attic Fans

Also referred to as attic ventilators, solar attic fans are highly efficient solutions to regulating the temperature level in your home’s attic by exhausting hot air that rises up there. Attic fans can be either gable-mounted or roof-mounted depending on the style of your home and your preferences. The fan is controlled by a thermostat that automatically turns it off and on depending on the temperature, just like your air conditioner and heating systems.

Attic fans work best when the attic where they’re installed is adequately sealed and insulated. This helps block the transfer of heat and moisture. Plus, it protects your roof and the structural integrity of the attic. Lastly, it improves HVAC efficiency!

More Than Just Ventilation

Solar attic fans are about much more than ventilation. When summer temperatures hit their peak, the temperature of your attic can soar even higher. Vents provide some passive cooling, but it’s not enough to reduce the temperature of your attic or the temperature of your home. For that, you need a properly installed and adequately working attic fan.

When your solar attic fan is running, it will drop the temperature of your attic significantly, making your home cooler and allowing you to turn up your AC system’s thermostat by as much as 10°F while keeping you comfortable.

Increasing Energy Efficiency and Lowering HVAC Costs

Were you aware that your heating and cooling bills account for half of all your energy use? Solar attic fans, however, offer a reprieve to your HVAC systems, since your air conditioner won’t have to run as long to keep your home cool, and your heater won’t have to run as long to keep it warm. Therefore, your HVAC use will cost you less money.

There really isn’t a bad time to install a solar attic fan, especially in sunny California. By investing in this appliance, you’ll be ready for anything. Plus, solar installations afford you a number of incentives and benefits from the state to save you even more money!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions about solar attic fans or what this installation will mean for your home.

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