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Should You Replace Your AC With a Heat Pump?

Your current air conditioner does its job well enough, but now that you know there’s a better option, what do you do? Is it worth it to make the switch? We’ll say right now that it is, but it also comes with some caveats to it, as many big changes in your home will.

Heat pump installation means that you improve your energy efficiency, but you may lose a few other aspects of air conditioning in the process that you quite enjoy. Let’s explain, that way you can decide for yourself if a heat pump truly sounds like an ideal replacement for your air conditioner.

Consider the Energy Efficiency Upgrade

Heat pumps can be up to 50% more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning systems. As you might assume given their name, heat pumps pump heat from one place to another. Instead of just generating cool air–which it does in the same manner that an air conditioner does–it’s also pumping the heat out of your home to reduce the air temperature.

Moving air from one place to another is much less costly than generating either hot or cool air and then dumping it into an area where it will battle against the current air temperature. Because it’s not going to war with the existing room temp in the same way an air conditioner does, you can save massive amounts of money on your cooling bills.

Say Goodbye to Your Heater

Your home likely has a furnace, and that furnace doesn’t let you down. While it’s not eco-friendly and it can be costly, a furnace is a reliable machine. Heat pumps have been criticized for not being able to keep up with extreme winter temperatures in areas that experience freezing conditions throughout the season. But that’s not something we need to worry about here.

One of the major benefits of a heat pump is that you can eliminate a problematic, outdated furnace and instead, rely on the efficient heating that a heat pump provides simply by switching it from cooling mode to heating mode.

Enjoy Lower Monthly Bills

We talked about better energy efficiency, which directly results in a lower total on your monthly energy bills. If you want to think about it on a smaller scale, every single time your heat pump turns on, it’s using roughly half the energy that your old air conditioner used. Every use saves you money. This also applies to your heating bills in the winter.

It’s a Big Change: We Can Help Make it Simple

Switching from an air conditioner to a heat pump is a big change, but it won’t feel that way once it’s installed. You’ll still enjoy cool air in the summer, warm air in the winter, and you’ll pay less over time. It’s a winning situation, and you can quickly add up what those savings mean for your day-to-day life. We’ll help you get started with your heat pump as soon as possible.

Contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. today to schedule your heat pump installation as soon as possible, and remember–you can always trust the guys in the big red trucks.

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