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Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

air-conditioning-replacementWith the end of summer comes cooler temperatures, and while we likely have a few more weeks of hot weather yet, your air conditioner has more or less come to the end of another season. Now makes an excellent time to take stock of your air conditioner and see if it can handle another hot summer, or if the time has come to finally replace it. That gives you the whole winter to schedule installation for a new system, if you decide that’s how you want to proceed. But is your air conditioner really ready for replacement? Only you can make that decision, but there are a few key factors that you should seriously consider.

What Is the State of the Warranty?

Every air conditioner comes with a warranty, usually lasting from 8 to 12 years or thereabouts. (The specifics depend on the make and model of the air conditioner.) As long as the warranty is in effect, the system’s original components are covered, which means you won’t have to pay for them when they need to be repaired or replaced. In light of that, you should almost always opt to repair your system rather than install a new one as long as the warranty is still in place.

Even if the warranty has expired, you should rely on repairs instead of replacement—provided the repairs don’t cost an excessive amount. (One of the reasons we advocate regular maintenance is that it can reduce the frequency and expense of repairs later in the air conditioner’s life.) Only when the warranty has expired and the cost of maintaining the air conditioner becomes more than the system is worth should you consider replacing the system.

So how can you determine that? It depends on your specific circumstances, and at the end of the day, it falls to the homeowner to make the call. However, there are some guidelines you can use to make the decision easier.

What Kind of Costs Are Involved?

If your air conditioner needs repairs and the costs are larger than the system is worth, you’re likely better off spending the money on a replacement. That’s usually an easy decision. It’s more difficult when the costs for one particular repair aren’t all that much, but the number of repairs is increasing. Generally speaking, if you need to schedule more than two repairs in a given 12-month period, and the warranty has expired, it’s usually a sign that you need a new air conditioner.

But a breakdown or repair call needn’t be the only cost that triggers a replacement. As air conditioners wear out, they use more and more energy to do their jobs, which in turn will drive up your monthly costs. Eventually, you may want to replace your system just to cut down on those costs and give your monthly budget a break. If keeping your home cool this summer meant higher bills than you’re comfortable with, the fall may be an excellent time to look into a replacement.

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