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The Benefits of Generators and Solar Batteries


In our previous blog post, we talked about how a whole-house generator can protect your home during fire season, when power outages are quite common. In fact, according to the US Energy Administration, in 2020 the United States experienced a record number of power outages per customer. The electrical grid in your neighborhood is probably degrading, so while we think it’s vital to have a generator during fire season, it’s actually important to have a whole-house Generac generator for any time of the year.

Nobody knows when the next power outage will occur, how often we’ll have them, or how it will affect your specific home and needs. Don’t wait and suffer through a power outage! Read on to learn more about Generac whole-house generators and backup batteries.

Generac Whole-House Generators

More and more residents throughout Sacramento and the surrounding communities are choosing to have a Generac whole-house generator installed on their property to offer them peace of mind and protection during unpredictable power outages. A generator is one of those systems you hope you’ll never need, but you’re so glad to have when you do need it! Folks who choose Generac do so because they are:

Powered By Natural Gas

Where a portable generator requires you buy and store a tank of gas or propane on your property for eventual use, a whole-house Generac generator is connected straight to the natural gas line that connects your home to the municipal gas line. This is super convenient too, because you know you’ll never run out of fuel, no matter how long the power outage occurs.


The Generac generator is designed to automatically cycle on once it receives a signal from your electrical panel that the power has gone out. Alternatively, with a portable system you’d have to go dig it out from wherever you’re storing it, hope that you have enough fuel in it, and find a safe place to put it while it runs.


The biggest advantage of a Generac whole-house generator is the use of its G-force engine, which is specifically created to withstand the strain of generating power over hours, days, or even weeks at a time.

Give Your Generator Backup!

Your Generac whole-house generator runs on the natural gas that enters your home from the municipal gas line, but what if it needs backup, just in case? Well, you can get that from the Generac PWRcell power system, which is an intelligent energy storage system for backup power. These systems pair well with solar panels, making the installation of a PWRcell a great option for all types of homeowners and families throughout the greater Sacramento area.

This is a type of backup battery that is sized for day-to-day use when your solar panels produce more electricity than you can effectively use in your home. There’s no sense in wasting that electricity, so the PWRcell system solves this problem.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions about how these systems work or how they can benefit you.

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