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Why Isn’t My Heat Pump Switching Modes?


Your heat pump does two jobs: cooling and heating. But what happens when it doesn’t know when to quit the first one? Your heat pump is stuck in frigid limbo and it won’t switch over even though it’s cold outside.

That’s a pretty big problem. It will most likely require heat pump repair in Rancho Cordova, CA, but before you make that call, it’s important to know what you’re up against and why your heat pump is doing this in the first place. Let’s talk about that.

Clogged Air Filters

Airflow is critical to any HVAC system. The problem is, many homeowners severely underestimate how imperative it is to switch out air filters as frequently as every 30 days.

If you’re not sure when your last air filter replacement was, it’s probably time to switch it out. Try setting reminders to change out your air filters every 30 days, like on the first of the month. A recurring alarm can do wonders here.

Once you switch out the air filter, check and see if your heat pump will switch to heating mode. If not, you’ll still need the assistance of a technician to see what else is wrong.

Malfunctioning Solenoid

Your solenoid moves a mechanism in your heat pump. That mechanism has one side for heating, and one side for cooling. If the solenoid isn’t working properly, your heat pump won’t know what it’s doing.

Any solenoid is subject to failure or damage. They’re not perfect and not the most durable component in a heat pump, so sometimes they need to be replaced. Many times, this will be enough to fix your mode-switching issue.

Miscalibrated or Broken Thermostat

Your thermostat reads the temperature of the room and then reads the temperature you set it at. If they don’t match up, it sends a request to the heat pump to activate and achieve your desired temperature.

Without the right reading, your heat pump won’t know what it’s doing. Thankfully this may mean that your heat pump is fine and it’s the thermostat that’s encountering trouble.

Stuck Valve

There’s a valve in your heat pump that alters the flow of refrigerant. If this valve is stuck, it just can’t switch modes.

It’s tricky because a valve could be stuck in one mode, or it could be stuck between two modes, making your heat pump appear completely inoperable.

Stuck valves can happen even if you maintain a proper maintenance schedule. They’re not the most intensive repairs for your heat pump.

Time for Some Heat Pump TLC

Your heat pump isn’t switching modes and it’s a pain. Let us fix it for you. These issues aren’t so straightforward all the time, but they are fixable. If you’re not sure what the issue is and it doesn’t jump out at you from this list, that’s all the more reason to put this problem in the hands of a professional.

Contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc., The Guys in the Big Red Trucks, to handle your heat pump repair and restore your family’s comfort as soon as possible.

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