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Help Your Heating System Perform Efficiently

heating-cost-savingsWinter has finally arrived, and while we’re not dealing with cold weather the way the East Coast has, we get our share of cool days and chilly nights. You’ll need to run your heating system more often almost by default in the wintertime, and that means you’ll be paying more on your monthly heating bills than you would during other points of the year. But just because you’re paying more doesn’t mean you should pay more than necessary. You can help your heating system perform more effectively, and cut into those costs in the bargain. Here are a few tips on the best ways how.

  • Weather Stripping. Doors and window frame may have small gaps in them, where hot air can escape your home. You can seal them up with weather stripping, which can be easily purchased at any hardware store or home improvement center. Not only does it help keep warm air in during the winter, but it can keep cool air in during the summer, providing year-round energy efficiency.
  • Thermostat Settings. You likely already know that you can lower your thermostat a few degrees and dress warmly indoors to provide energy savings. You should also make use of the programming features: turning the temperature up a short time before you come home at night, then down again right before your usual bedtime.
  • Heater Maintenance. Regular heater maintenance is a thorough check by a trained technician: designed to correct little problems and identify bigger ones in need of repair. It will improve the efficiency of the system and cut into those pesky heating bills for the remainder of the winter.

If your heater could use a break this winter and you want to save a little money on those winter bills in Sacramento, CA, call Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. today!

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