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How Does Solar Electricity Save You Money?

solar-energy-electricityWe live in sunny California, and even when it rains in the winter, we can expect a lot of sunshine no matter what the time of year. Solar technology has been available for a long time, but it keeps getting more efficient and easier to set up. For the right property, investing in solar panels can end up saving you a great deal of money. How? Read on for the answers.

Paying Now to Save Later

As an upfront investment, solar panels do cost a bit. A trained technician needs to assess your property, determine the best place for panels, and install them properly. They’re often located on the roof or elsewhere, which means they must be installed firmly without any mistakes. Furthermore, the technician needs to factor in such things as sunlight exposure and the amount of electricity your home or business requires before setting the system up.

Once it’s in place, however, that may be the last time you need to pay for electricity. Solar energy is an infinitely renewable resource: it isn’t consumed like gas or other fuel to power generators. That means the cost to you is often negligible. Indeed, in many cases, you can sell excess electricity back to the grid. (Last winter, California generated so much electricity from solar power, that we actually gave the excess energy to Arizona for free!)

Furthermore, solar panels often have no moving parts, and while maintenance is sometimes required, repair costs are extremely rare (limited to damage caused by inclement weather in most cases). That means you can count on them to work as they should for decades or more. If you should ever sell your home, the solar panels will add tremendous value to it.

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