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Signs You Need Heating Repair

heating-repair-serviceCalifornia winters are never as cold as they are further east, but here in the Central Valley, we get our share of freezing cold nights and early morning frosts. You need a reliable heating system not only to keep your home comfortable, but to prevent potential health issues for those nights when the mercury drops well below tolerable levels. And if your heater needs repair, now is the time to properly take care of it.

That means moving swiftly when signs of trouble arise with your heating system. In many cases, a serious problem displays symptoms weeks or even months in advance, and while you should never try to diagnose (much less repair), a heater without proper training and licensing, you can still spot those signs simply by watching your heater as it runs and looking for anything out of the ordinary. Chances are that you have already run your system this fall. The next time you turn it on, look for the following common signs that something is wrong.

  • Refusal to Turn On. This is an obvious sign that something is very wrong, but in most cases, it actually works to your benefit. Heating systems possess safety features that will not activate the system if there’s a risk to your home. For instance, a gas leak or an ignition switch that is damaged can present a danger. The safety features both keep the problem contained and alter you to the need for repairs.
  • Low Air Flow. Low air flow results from either a blockage in the ducts (including possible breaches), clogs in the filters, or problems with the fan motor. It is a problem because it forces the heater to work harder to do its job, raising both your monthly bills and the possibility of further breakdowns. (It also leaves heated air trapped in the furnace itself, which can cause more damage.)
  • Low Heat Levels. If the burners are clogged, there’s a breach in the ducts, or the fuel lines are experiencing difficulty, you may not be getting all of the heat out of the system you need. Again, this is a problem because it adds a lot of unnecessary stress to your heater.
  • Strange Noises. This is one of the easiest signs of trouble to spot. Anytime your heater is making noises that you don’t recognize–anything from hums to whirs to rattles and clangs—it means something’s not right. In most cases, the strange noises will stop and start in time with the starting and stopping of the heater itself.

If you spot these signs, shut off the system and call in a repair technician immediately. Getting repairs made now allows you the luxury of time to set a schedule that works for you, and allows you to enjoy the benefits of the repair call all winter long (as opposed to experiencing a sudden and unexpected breakdown just when the weather is coldest).

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