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What Do Ductless HVAC Systems Do for You?

ductless-heating-systemsIf you’re in the market for a new HVAC system, fall is the ideal time to plan and prepare for it. Autumn in central California is usually quite mild, which means you’ll have plenty of time to decide which system you want and plan the installation before you’ll have need of it. And while most of us are accustomed to centralized heating and air conditioning systems, they’re not the only type out there. If your home can’t support a traditional centralized system—or it can, but you just don’t feel it’s right for your needs—there are other options available.

Among the alternative systems we recommend most highly are ductless mini split systems, which use multiple smaller units instead of one big one. Each unit is charged with heating or cooling a single room or section of your home. Each one can be operated independently of the rest of the system, though many systems also have centralized controls allowing you to adjust the setting of each unit in a single space. Ductless mini split systems tend to cost more to install than centralized systems, but in exchange, they offer a number of tangible benefits for your home.

No Ducts

The most obvious benefit can be seen in the system’s name: the lack of a need for ducts. Older homes built before the advent of air conditioning might not be able to support a system of ducts. Nor can homes with architectural quirks that make ducts difficult to install. Then there are homes that can support ducts, but struggle to keep their space comfortable because the systems simply can’t match the buildings’ unique needs.

Ductless systems solve all of that with each: providing comprehensive heating and air conditioning coverage while eliminating the need for bulky and difficult ducts.

Tailored Heating and Cooling

Because each individual unit in a ductless system is able to be adjusted independently, you can set different temperatures in different rooms to meet individual tastes. For example, say you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen and want to lower the temperature to account for the heat coming from the stove. Another family member is in the living room watching television and doesn’t have to deal with the heat from the stove. Ductless systems let you each set the temperature in the room you’re occupying to taste, without having to either boil or freeze.

Lower Bills

The most important benefit to ductless systems is really just an extension of temperature control. You can turn off the heat or cool air in parts of the home you aren’t using, while still running it in parts of the home you are. That cuts down on monthly bills considerably, as well as reducing wear and tear on the system and lowering the chances of a breakdown. And it does that while still allowing you to enjoy all of the comforts a reliable HVAC system can provide.

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