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9 Ways to Make the Most From Your Solar Energy System

solar-panelAfter a homeowner is set up with their own heating and cooling system, what’s left? Ask them, and what most of them might say is: efficiency. It’s all about keeping those monthly HVAC costs as low as possible, and that means using the system purposefully and without waste.

When it comes to a solar energy system, efficiency is even more important. After all, that energy is coming from your own supply. Once you run out, you have to start paying the electrical company again.

So, how do you get your system to be even more efficient? Aside from keeping up with maintenance and repairs, you can try investing in some various products and services to get the edge. Here are several examples:

1. Backup Battery

A backup battery will allow you to store extra energy that you gather so that you can use it on a rainy day, during an emergency, or on days when you’re stretching your energy use. If you weren’t asked to have a backup battery installed in the beginning, you can depend on a Sacramento solar panel installation expert to perform the service for you.

2. Whole-House Fans

When used according to instructions, these fans can flood your home with cool air during the morning, allowing you to go well into the day without having to resort to using your AC.

3. Smart Thermostats

And when you do use your AC, you can make sure it’s controlled by a smart thermostat—one that can help you make the most energy efficient cooling decisions.

4. Humidifiers and Dehumidifier

While these are great at improving your comfort, they can also help in making your body feel cooler or warmer, thus allowing you to knock the thermostat back a few degrees.

5. Energy Audits

A thorough energy audit from an expert will be able to pinpoint where your home’s inefficiencies are, giving you an accurate game plan on which services and products will help make a difference.

6. Installing More Insulation

The job of insulation is to keep heat out in the summer, and keep heat in during the winter. If your insulation has deteriorated in some or all rooms of the home, you could stand to benefit from having more put in. But be careful about DIY insulation—too much insulation can create issues, too.

7. Plugging Up Duct Leaks

If your ducts have leaks or tears, a massive amount of your cooled or heated air can get sucked up out of your home. Having these leaks patched up with a duct test and sealing may be required in homes with older duct systems.

8. Air Sealing

If your home has drafty areas and leaks that bring in air from the outdoors, you’re doing your HVAC system a disservice. The right amount of air sealing around windows, doors, outlets, and other areas can help improve efficiency.

9. Window Replacement

Modern windows are made in such a way as to help increase efficiency by reducing the energy lost through them. If your windows are outdated, consider having them replaced.

For more tips and advice on how to make the most out of your solar energy system, contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. “The Guys in the Big Red Trucks.”

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