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Should You Consider a UV Air Purifier Installation in Your Home?


“Indoor air quality” has become a bit of a buzzword phrase over the last couple of years, as homeowners throughout Sacramento and beyond get more health-conscious. However, indoor air quality has always been important, and it’s about so much more than simply the temperature of your home. Indoor air quality refers to the level of humidity in your home, the level or preferably lack of contaminants and allergens in the home, and more.

So, how can you achieve optimal air quality? It starts by getting set up with the right whole-house indoor air quality products. One of these products that are worth your consideration is the UV air purifier, also called UV germicidal lights.

Read on to learn more about these systems and how one could be beneficial for your home.

More About What a UV Air Purifier Is

A UV air purifier or UV germicidal light is an air purification system that uses UV light to target and eliminates airborne pathogens and deactivates them so that they can’t harm anyone who may breathe them in. There are UV air purifiers that can operate as standalone devices, but they are most effective as whole-house systems, integrated into your HVAC system where these bacteria are likely to thrive—inside your ductwork.

How Does This Work, Exactly?

As air passes over the UV light in the purifier system, the short-wave UV radiation inside the device breaks down the pathogens at a microscopic level, rendering them incapable of functioning. The device forces air in and exposes the airborne pathogens to UV light just long enough to deactivate them.

UV light may be invisible to the eye, and it is also totally harmless to people and pets, but it is powerful against airborne germs and single-celled microorganisms that can be lurking in your ductwork.

The Benefits

UV air purifiers offer a variety of benefits that make your household’s indoor air quality better. By preventing the transmission of viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and more from spreading, UV air purifiers help reduce your chances of getting ill.

These systems also use very minimal energy, making them highly efficient and therefore affordable. UV air filters help your HVAC systems work better by eliminating restrictions to airflow, and can even prevent mold infestations in your home, which could otherwise be the cause of several problems within your household.

What Makes a UV Air Purifier Different from Other Air Purifiers?

The standard electronic or ionization air purifier is a great system! It tackles unwanted particles and contaminants that may already be lurking in your indoor air. A UV air purifier, however, tackles a certain type of contaminant (viruses and bacteria) at the source, your ductwork, before it even has a chance to enter your indoor air.

A traditional air purifier could potentially still help your home, but you may want to seriously consider the installation of a UV air purifier as well.

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