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How Does a Pool UV Light Help?

UV light helps sanitize, so why wouldn’t you want one in your pool? We all know how gross the water can get (and it doesn’t take long for it to get that way, either). A UV light makes sense, but how does it help?

We know a thing or two about pool UV lights and pool pumps in Rancho Cordova, CA, so let’s talk about how you can protect the water in your pool.

It Reduces Germs in the Water

UV lights are known to terminate germs, and nothing breeds bacteria germs like still water. The main benefit of using a pool UV light is to sanitize your water so it’s safe to swim in for you and your family.

They’re one line of defense–they will not kill all pathogens in the water, but they will reduce the number of pathogens and create an environment that makes it difficult for new bacteria to grow. Plus, these can work against bacteria that might otherwise be immune to chemical disinfectants.

Lowers Your Chemical Usage

Getting chlorine in your eyes isn’t fun. It’s irritating and can cause eyesight problems over time. UV lights help sanitize the water so you don’t have to rely on chlorine as much.

You may still want to use chlorine in the water to help mitigate bacterial growth. But here’s the good thing–UV light breaks down chloramines, which is the byproduct of chlorine that gives it such a strong odor (you can smell it now and that’s just from thinking about it).

Your Filter Lasts Longer

Changing out a pool filter isn’t exactly fun, but it is necessary. With fewer organisms in the water in the first place, your filter doesn’t have to do as much work. This will extend your filter’s life, so if you forget to change it on a rigorous routine, you should still be okay.

While UV light rods do need to be replaced from time to time, they’re cost-effective and help you maintain your pool filter. It never hurts to be double prepared, especially when it comes to your pool water.

Better Looking Water

You want your pool to look clear, right? UV light breaks down organic matter, which includes bits of debris that float around and get in the way of that clear, crystal water that’s so inviting. Your pool looks better when it’s protected with UV lighting.

While this reason is on the cosmetic side, it’s still an added benefit of using a UV light in your pool. It certainly makes it more inviting for cookouts and hot summer days when you invite your family over.

Pool UV Lights Aren’t as Complicated as You Thought

Now that you know just what pool UV lights are, how they do what they do, and that they’re something you can have installed soon, what’s stopping you? Protect your water, reduce your dependency on pool chemicals, and be more eco-friendly in the process.

Contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. today to schedule your pool UV light installation and pool pump installation.

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